Suttons Brazil Receive Praise From Customer Following Complex Product Delivery

Suttons International Brazil have recently been praised by a customer for high levels of attention and service following the implementation of a bespoke delivery solution to ensure a delicate product received correct handling and packaging requirements.


The product in question demands tanks be stringently cleaned and decontaminated prior to loading to prevent microbiological contamination and can be harmful to the tanks internal lining so an equally thorough wash must be conducted after delivery of the product too.


The team went above and beyond to reassure the customer when implementing this solution by ensuring the tank had been properly cleaned to the highest standard, providing a thorough cleaning report, and even arranging a visual inspection of the tank for the customers plant manager prior to product loading. Furthermore, the team prepared a bespoke manual for the customer detailing all the delivery information including tank specs, fill ratios, loading and discharge procedures.


This complicated delivery required expert technical knowledge, customer service, and planning – with a deep clean of the tank before and after delivery and a rigorous inspection prior to loading, all while following a strict timeline. The Brazil team have demonstrated fantastic and attentive customer service to achieve the successful delivery first time.


The customer contacted the team to let them know they were very happy and satisfied with the delivery, noting the extremely high attention to detail, service, and value for a rigorous product delivery.

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