The technology that we utilise is one of many ways that we consistently innovate and improve processes at Suttons Tankers. We’re constantly investing in and researching new technologies to create savings and efficiencies for our customers.


Microlise Telematics

As one of the UK’s leading logistics providers, it is vital that our fleet is equipped with the best technology available so that we can be as efficient as possible for our customers.

Through our partnership with telematics provider, Microlise, Suttons Tankers are proud to use the latest integrated Fleet Performance and multi-camera ClearVision telematics systems on our trucks. This includes a Microlise tablet in every cab and cameras fixed to the exterior of every articulated vehicle.

What this means is that we can provide our customers with real-time monitoring of vehicles carrying their goods on routes all over the world. We have also managed to move beyond outdated paper-based systems for many tasks including timesheets and vehicle checks, through the use of the multifunctional Microlise tablet. This piece of in-cab technology acts as a driver aid as well as an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) device, aiding driver safety and consolidating data at the same time.

Efficiency and Accountability

The benefits of being paperless extend beyond solely environmental. Our customers can have instant access to delivery notes, GPS maps, and the most accurate reports possible, allowing them to make crucial decisions on business and logistical concerns when it matters most.

Where customers may be used to waiting days or weeks for these reports, we can provide them instantly in our customer portal via live system updates. As well, our systems can provide information visually to make reports clear and very easily digestible.

We want the best possible relationship with our customers, and we believe that Microlise is going to enable that. Our customers can rely on us because of our transparency and accountability. What’s more, through the sharing of data with our customers, we can both benefit by refining jobs and pinpointing areas of our own work that can be improved.


Our drivers have KPIs to meet that are aided, not policed, by our Microlise technology systems, with a proven success rate as our drivers have consistent compliance of above 96%, achieving Earned Recognition Status. Drivers can monitor their own figures on statistics like harsh acceleration, idling time, and harsh braking, holding themselves to the high standards that we and our customers expect.

The strategically placed Microlise cameras double as visual aids for our drivers, who can view the camera footage through the Microlise tablet when parking to manoeuvre precisely and safely, and an insurance measure should an incident ever take place by creating timestamped recordings that automatically pair with GPS telematics data.

Beyond driver safety, we also use telematic sensors within our tanks themselves to provide critical insights on fill levels, pressure levels and temperature levels with live data, so you can have peace of mind that your products are safe in transit.

Bespoke Solutions

If we currently do not have the right tanks for our customers’ products, then we have the capacity to build bespoke units to suit their individual requirements. This includes a range of added features such as:

  • Heating systems
  • Discharge equipment
  • Cooling systems
  • Tank lining
  • Product monitoring hardware and software

As well as this, our strategically placed locations combined with our telematics systems mean we can fully cater to our customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible, plotting optimal routes that minimises empty runs.

Learn more about our logistics business systems here.

Maintenance and Repair

Having the best technology does not always mean buying the newest equipment. Ensuring that our current vehicles and equipment are maintained to the highest levels of safety and compliance is equally important to us.

We can also take a look at our customers’ own equipment on-site visits and use our knowledge of inspection standards to make suggestions on the most cost-effective solutions. Some of our customers have saved thousands by following our suggestions, reducing overheads while improving operating reliability.

Our knowledgeable team is on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have.


UK Road Tanker Logistics

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UK Logistics Sectors

Suttons are highly experienced when it comes to the transportation of bulk products. We understand and respect the products we work with to ensure that we operate to the highest levels of safety.

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Our knowledgeable team is on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you might have.