Logistics Business Intelligence

As leaders in our field, Suttons International use a range of technology and systems to ensure that we carry out each job with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This approach also allows us to have full visibility over the location of every tank in our fleet so that we can keep our customers up to date with the progress of their products.

(Big) Data Analytics & Visualisation Platform

Our data analytics and visualisation technology allow us to gather all data provided via our systems working together to display this information in a more meaningful way. Through improved visualisation of data, we can be much clearer with our analysis. In turn, we are able to identify business inefficiencies and define areas of improvement much more quickly.

Where reports would previously take days or weeks to create, our system updates daily to provide instant updates, allowing Suttons International to ensure customer deliveries stay on track. The data analytics and visualisation platform allows us to monitor KPI reporting, so we can be more reactive throughout the business, to consistently meet the needs of our customers.

At present, we are developing a new platform that will allow our customers to log in and view their account details in a more meaningful and visual way. This customer portal will help our customers to understand their account and provide an opportunity to review and increase efficiencies and value. This is part of our commitment to great communication and strengthening our relationship with our customers.


Technology is a key driver for the future of Suttons International. We are constantly looking into the latest systems and technology available on the market to deliver opportunities that will support our customers’ visibility and understanding of their delivery status.

Recently, we have implemented tank telematics and smart heating solutions which provides Suttons International customers with live GPS tracking and tank status updates from anywhere in the world. This gives customers real-time information on which to make business decisions and additional peace of mind. We are also currently trialing a range of tank sensors to provide further tank insight and live data that we can track including GPS, fill levels, pressure levels, and temperature levels.

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