Bulk Fuel Logistics

Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Transport

We provide services to customers working in the petroleum and alternative fuels sectors, among other UK bulk transport sectors. Our strategically located depot network allows us to utilise fuel-specification equipment 24 hours a day so that we can flex and redeploy resources in times of peak demand and low demand.

We have one of the largest baffle tank fleets in the UK, as well as single and multi-compartment, and lagged tanks, making bulk liquid haulage a safe practice for our drivers. On top of this, we stay up to date with fuel industry standard qualifications from the SQA for the benefit of our customers and the safety of our drivers and the general public.

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Examples of Fuel Transport with Suttons

  • Diesel
  • Supreme Diesel
  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Super Unleaded Petrol
  • Kerosene
  • Gas Oil
  • Ethanol
  • Ethanol and Methanol Mix

Our experts are well aware of the regulations and standards that dictate the transportation of petrochemicals. As such, we always strive to exceed the current standards set and work tirelessly to ensure our driver training is constantly refreshed to minimise the risk of incidents.

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Other Liquid Chemicals

We are the largest bulk liquid carrier of general chemicals in the UK. Performing this feat has required strategic investment into diverse tanks so that we can support our customers regardless of the liquid chemicals they manufacture.

Lined tanks are currently a major focal point of our business, including but not limited to lagged/unlagged, phenolic resin, and rubber-lined tanks.

With the size and importance of the bulk liquid sector, we place great importance on the management of our fleet to maximise liquid tanker transport. This involves drafting vendor-managed inventory (VMI) agreements with a large portion of our customers for the most efficient 24/7 transport of bulk liquids downstream from the manufacturer.

VMI agreements also facilitate long-term working relationships that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved, allowing our customers to be as cost-effective as possible while remaining responsive to the needs of their business.

Fuel Logistics FAQs

Why Choose Suttons for Fuel Delivery?

Suttons Tankers has built up a strong reputation within the fuels industry and has proven to deliver impeccable service levels for its customers.

Strategically located depots across the UK enable Suttons to be where its customers need them most. With core bases in Eastham in the North West, Manchester, Plymouth and Northampton, along with multiple out bases across the country, Suttons have a skilled driver workforce who are expertly trained in handling, transporting and delivering fuels products.

Fuels logistics demands outstanding levels of safety and customer service as the drivers frequently interact with the end customer. Suttons have a rigorous set of safety rules which all its drivers abide by and are trained to be a professional brand ambassador of the customer of which they are delivering on behalf of.

Suttons has a fleet of over 100 fuels trucks which are regularly replaced and expertly maintained in its state of the art, in-house workshops.

How Much Does Bulk Fuel Transport Cost?

The cost to transport fuel has many different variables to it. Firstly, the product is crucial to the pricing of fuel distribution. Suttons move many different products such as forecourt fuel (unleaded, diesel, etc.) as well as kerosene, HVO, bitumen products, methanol, ethanol and many more. These products contribute to sustaining our nation’s critical infrastructure.

The location of which the product is loaded and delivered to can also impact the pricing of the transport, particularly if this is done on an ad-hoc or spot basis.

The volume of product that needs to be delivered can have a huge impact on the pricing, as well as the delivery profile. If deliveries are able to be conducted throughout the night this can often drive a more competitive price as Suttons are able to double shift vehicles, increasing utilisation and thus improving efficiencies.

Our Commercial team are always on hand to help price up work for customers, whether that be contract work with dedicated fleet or spot business.

Where Can Suttons Transport Fuels?

Suttons Tankers have 69 locations in the UK with 6 main depots and multiple out-bases nationwide. With core locations based in the North West, North East, Humberside and Midlands, Suttons are well represented in areas where its customers require them to be.

With that in mind, Suttons Tankers have been seen to invest in additional depots to support customers in typically challenging areas such as Plymouth and Northampton. These have been areas of success for Suttons and its bulk fuel logistics sector.

Which Fuels Can Be Delivered in Bulk?

A large amount of the fuel that Suttons transports is delivered directly to forecourts, however, many fuels products are transported such as biofuels, waste oils, methanol, kerosene and bitumen products.

Suttons Tankers has a large bitumen fleet which requires delicate handling and must be transported carefully and meticulously due to the nature of the product. Bitumen is most commonly used in road construction and must be transported at high temperatures to prevent it from solidifying.

Ethanol is another product that Suttons Tankers transport across the UK which has an end use in products such as anti-freeze and de-icer. It is also used to blend into traditional diesel and unleaded supplies to create biofuel blends.

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