Suttons Fleet Tank Container Specifications

Tank Containers for Global Scalability

With a variety of tank containers, Suttons can offer you a solution for all of your haulage requirements.

These tank containers can be integrated with several top-of-the-line technologies such as telematics to monitor the live status of your products including temperature and location data.

Our fleet of tank containers will provide reliability and scalability to meet your business requirements.

Through live tracking and monitoring, Suttons International provide live ETA updates to our customers, for maximum assurance and the highest levels of service.

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Suttons Tank Container Fleet

Baffle Tank Containers

Suttons International has one of the largest baffle tank fleets in the world. Our baffle tank containers have capacities ranging from 20,000 litres to 35,000 litres and can be fitted with a variety of temperature control options which include:

  • Steam heating
  • Warm water heating
  • Thermostatically controlled electrical heating
  • Cooling systems

Baffle tanks contain plates inside the tanker to help reduce the effects of liquid surge movements during transportation.

Baffle tanks are commonly used with high SG (specific gravity) products which allow the tank container to be filled to less than 80% of its capacity, ensuring compliance with regulations during transportation.

Lined Tank Containers

Our lined tank containers are coated with different materials to prevent corrosion and maintain the quality and effectiveness of our tank containers and products.

Some of the common lining materials we use are:

  • PTFE
  • Phenolic Resin
  • Rubber

These types of lining used depend on the transported product as not all linings are suitable for all products. If you are unsure of which type of lining your product may need, get in touch with our team of experts to see how we can help.

Heated Tank Containers

We offer both steam-heated tank containers and electric-heated tank containers. Both options can be used to heat and maintain the product inside the tank container to the customers requirement.

Our heated tank containers are fitted with temperature gauges which confirms that the product remains within its required temperature range.

Our operators can monitor the live status of the tanks which have telematics fitted throughout transit and are alerted if the product deviates from its required temperature; whereby they can then remotely adjust the tank temperature to ensure the quality of the product.

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Gas Tank Containers

Gas tank containers are used to transport gas products as either gas or liquified gas.

At Suttons, we have two types of gas tank containers. These are a combination of zinc-lined carbon steel and stainless steel tank containers.

Our zinc-lined carbon steel tank containers are commonly used for the transportation of non-refrigerant gases.

Whereas the stainless steel tank containers are commonly used for the transportation of pharmaceutical grade products.

Alongside this, we offer a fleet management service to support and enhance the delivery process of your gases.

Swapbody Tank Containers

For product loads that require a capacity greater than 26 cubic metres, we offer three different sizes of swapbody tank containers:

  • 30 cubic metres
  • 33 cubic metres
  • 35 cubic metres

These tank containers are longer and wider than standard tank containers with the head of the vessel being located outside the main frame. Many of these swapbody tank containers are equipped with baffles.

Bespoke Tank Containers

If you require something unique, Suttons can work with you to design/manufacture a bespoke tank container solution that suits your needs.

Bespoke tank containers can be fitted with a range of specialised features such as:

  • Heating systems
  • Discharge equipment
  • Cooling systems
  • Linings
  • Telematics monitoring hardware and software

Get in touch with our team to see how we can build and operate a bespoke fleet of tank containers for your business.

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Tank Container Maintenance and Repair

We maintain our fleet of tank containers to the highest standards. Safety and compliance is a fundamental aspect of our business which ensures that we are providing you with the best quality products and services available.

Our tank containers undergo regular maintenance inspection, repair, and testing throughout the life cycle to maintain operational condition.

Our maintenance and testing schedule is as follows:

  • 2.5 years: Pneumatic test
  • 5 years: Hydraulic test

Each time a tank is discharged it is cleaned thoroughly and inspected for any signs of maintenance and repair that are required.

Tank Container Features

As well as heating and cooling, our tank containers come with quality components to maximise the service provided and minimise the potential for downtime.

The tank containers are protected with an external frame which acts as a barrier to external forces. The dimensions of our tank container frames are consistent with the ISO (International Standards Organisation) which facilitates the multimodal requirements.

Our tank containers also come with a range of discharge options such as bottom discharge, top discharge and top and bottom discharge combination to facilitate customer requirements.

While bottom discharge is commonly suitable for many products, there are some restrictions for certain products, which require the alternative discharge options.

No matter what you require for your business, we can help you find a solution to suit your needs. Get in touch to find out how we can bring you onboard at Suttons with minimal downtime.

Grow and Scale Your Business with Suttons International Tank Containers

At Suttons, we have the capability to grow and scale alongside your business growth. Our fleet of over 14,000 high quality tank containers can be modified and adapted to suit your business requirements.

With continued investment we can facilitate your requirements with the manufacture of bespoke fleets designed by our inhouse team of experts and operated by teams strategically located across the globe.

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