ISO Tank Specifications

Suttons International has an extensive fleet of over 14,000 tanks. With such a huge range, we are able to provide our customers with a flexible fleet, through diverse technical solutions, globally.

The majority of the tanks in our fleet are fitted with a tank heating solution, we are able to provide a unique all in one solution of design, supply, delivery, and commissioning of electrically heated tank containers. Our operators monitor the live status of the tank throughout transit and are alerted if the product deviates from its required temperature; whereby they can then remotely adjust the tank temperature to ensure the quality of the product.

Through live tracking and monitoring, Suttons International are able to guarantee product quality and provide live ETA updates to our customers; giving them assurance and providing them with the highest levels of service.

Tank Types

Suttons International operates a wide range of tanks, suitable for a variety of purposes. We can also modify tanks to provide a bespoke solution to meet more specific needs and requirements where necessary.

Baffle Tanks:

Suttons International own one of the largest fleets of Baffle Tanks in the world. Capacities range from 20,000 litres to 35,000 litres and the tanks have a variety of temperature control options:

  • Steam heating
  • Warm water heating
  • Thermostatically controlled electrical heating systems
  • Cooling systems

Lined Tanks:

Our range of Lined Tanks come with a number of added safety features. These include level detection devices, overfill protection and GPS to enable real-time tracking. We offer a variety of tank linings including:

  • PTFE
  • Phenolic resin
  • Rubber

Heated Tank Containers

Our Heated Tank Containers feature additional safety features including electrical heating systems developed in-house for the safe carriage of heat-sensitive products.

Refrigerated Tank Containers

Suttons International has recently invested in upgrading and improving our fleet of Refrigerated Tank Containers, with over 150 refrigerated tanks available within our fleet to safely transport temperature-sensitive products.

Gas Tanks

Suttons International can supply zinc-lined tanks for transportation of non-refrigerant gases or stainless steel tanks for transportation of pharmaceutical-grade propellants. In addition to this, we operate our own fleet management service.

Bespoke Tank Containers

If required, Suttons International can design and build bespoke tanks to suit customers’ individual requirements. We can include a range of added features including:

  • Heating systems
  • Discharge equipment
  • Cooling systems
  • Tank lining
  • Product monitoring hardware and software

Tank Maintenance & Repair

Ensuring that our vehicles and equipment are maintained to the highest levels of safety and compliance is important to us. At Suttons International, we have a rigorous inspection cycle in place to regulate this, with tanks being routinely inspected at 2.5 year intervals.

  • 2.5 years: Pneumatic test
  • 5 years: Hydraulic test

Not only do we ensure our fleet is 100% compliant, but we also take great care in the loading and discharging of products from our tanks. Each time we discharge a product and clean the tank, it is inspected for any signs of maintenance and repair being required. Any work required is acted upon immediately to ensure that we can get the tank back on the road as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption.

Suttons International is committed to strategic investment in our tank container fleet with the  introduction of over 1,000 tank containers a year. We continually assess our current fleet, refurbishing over 600 tank containers a year. This on-going program is set to see the full fleet updated to top specifications over the next 5 years to best serve our customers.

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