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One of the largest players in the Latin America chemical sector, The OCG Group, has completed the acquisition of the petrochemical company Elekeiroz, as a key part in its growth agenda to triple production scale. OCQ produce life’s essentials chemicals used for adhesives, paints and coatings, textiles, waterproofing, printing, sanitizing, packaging, and the construction sector.

Located in eight countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, UK, Italy, China, and Russia, OCQ identified an opportunity to enter the agribusiness market through the strategic acquisition of Elekeiroz and their capability in the production of fertilizers.

Suttons manages Elekeiroz’s export shipments from Salvador, Brazil to a variety of global locations including Antwerp, Barcelona, Valencia, Genoa, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Veracruz, and Izmit. We also handle FOB imports from Argentina to Brazil.

Working with the wider OCQ Group, Suttons handles frequent shipments, from southern ports in Brazil to India and Mexico. We organise all aspects of their shipments from door to pier, including the provision of labels and placards, pre-carriage, ocean freight, and provide any support and advice to the OCQ export team. 

Isabelle Alcântara Mariano – OCQ

“In the 2 years that I have been at OCQ and for 1 year working with Exports, it was essential for my learning to have partners to help organize and understand the process.
Suttons, especially Fabio Souza, was one of the people who helped me in this process and on the learning path in exports of Isotanks, their answers and schedules are always complete.
Today, our goal is to retain our partners, as we know that Suttons already knows our process, products, and our storage plants, and this is a big differentiator for us.
Therefore, I thank you for your partnership during this time and I hope that we continue together doing this incredible work.
Always count on me.”

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