Tankmiles and Tracking

Suttons Tankmiles is the most sophisticated telematics portal system currently available on the market. Building on our extensive experience, every single function of our Tankmiles solution comes from the tank containers' users and visualises the data received before turning it into valuable KPIs.

Suttons Tankmiles solution monitors tank containers in real-time, wherever they are in the world. A GPS data logger fitted to the device is able to monitor the status of the tank. The solutions ensures that no damage occurs to the tank and will notify us immediately if any damage does occur. In addition to this, it provides clear visibility to our customers so that they have accurate ETAs.

Benefits of Tankmiles 

Suttons Tankmiles platform makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and control complex logistics processes within a single application. To do so, SAVVY links relevant telematics systems data with business IT data and processes in a concise customer dashboards.

Benefits include:

  • Visible transparent logistics information through the cloud-based portal designed specifically for customers of Suttons International.
  • Comprehensive opportunities for collaborating quick information exchange and also facilitates coordination and agreement between all stakeholders.
  • An integrated task manager connects everybody involved with the process and helps to organise business processes by providing real-time, current information.
  • User-friendly, intuitive design and adjustable dashboard with highly developed business analytics functions.

SAVVY’s and Suttons International platform facilitates increased transparency and speed in critical logistics processes. Suttons Tankmiles helps to eliminate risk, resulting in higher levels of productivity and efficiencies throughout the business.

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