Tracking Tank Containers with Our Telematics Technology

Monitor, evaluate and control your business logistics with the most sophisticated telematics portal available. Increase your company efficiency through real-time monitoring and tanker visibility.

Container Tracking Technology

Suttons Telematics solution tracks containers in real-time, wherever they are in the world thanks to a GPS data logger which is fitted and monitors the status of the tank container.

This will notify us immediately if potential damage does occur.

It provides clear visibility to customers so that they have accurate ETAs. This can improve efficiency and increase accountability.

Let us show you how container tracking technology can help your business.

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Advantages of Using Telematics Technology

The Telematic platform makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and control complex logistics processes within a single application.

To do so, the system links relevant telematics data with business IT data and processes in a concise customer dashboard.

This reliable system comes with a great range of benefits to your business which can be seen below.

Easy-to-track Logistics

Know where your tank containers are in real time and keep your processes running smoothly.

Telematics can provide visible transparent logistics information through the cloud-based portal tailored specifically for customers of Suttons International.

Quick Information Exchange

This state-of-the-art technology also facilitates coordination and agreement between all stakeholders adding accountability at all stages of the supply chain. This collaborative approach leads to a more efficient information exchange.

Integrated Task Manager

A dedicated operator connects everybody involved with the process and helps to organise business processes by providing real-time, current information. This offers efficient processing and task management among the key stakeholders.

In-Depth Business Analytics

With the need for accountability and more efficient processes, container-tracking technology can add advanced business analytics and technologies to drive efficiency within your business. The user-friendly design and adjustable dashboard can help you simply navigate the functions effectively.

Suttons Tracking Technology Explained

Our Telematics technology can be used across all of our contract tank containers. These are dedicated tanks to your operation and are not used by any other clients.

If you want to discuss the use of Suttons Telematics within your fleet, get in touch with our team online today.

How the Telematics System Works

When requested, our team will fit a GPS device connected to a cellular network to your dedicated fleet of tank containers (we don’t use trucks in international!).

This GPS system works in tandem with our internal operating systems that allows the tracking of tanks in real time.

With this reliable telematics system in place, you have access to real-time positioning, recent movements and temperature conditions.

That includes essential data such as product temperatures and shock detections.

All the information you require to ensure safe transportation and delivery of your products.

The Impact of Telematics Container Tracking

By implementing telematics within your fleet, you have easy access to precise data on the position and status of your products.

For products that are high value, temperature-sensitive or particularly volatile, having real-time data about your products is key to managing your supply chain and running an efficient operation.

Control All Aspects of Your Supply Chain with Suttons International Tracking Technology

Take control of your supply chain with Suttons International tracking for tank containers.

When you want to see more data along the transport journey or need to monitor temperatures, the telematics system is a great way to review data and access the key components within the supply chain.

If you would like to see how we can integrate tank container tracking telematics technology within your supply chain solution, get in touch with our team online today.

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