Bulk Waste Logistics

Aggressively Expansive Waste Supply Chain Network

Waste is one UK bulk road transport sector that we are expanding in here at Suttons Tankers, after being awarded contracts with companies in the waste and water sectors.

We understand the time-sensitive, critical role that our team play within this area of critical infrastructure, and train all of our team to the highest standards so that they can conduct their work efficiently and securely.

As well, any waste oils that we can repurpose are turned into biofuels, through which we are feeding the economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Liquid Waste Transport with Suttons

Here are some of the common liquid waste transportation services we can help with:

  • Sewage
  • Bio-solid Sludge
  • Chemical Waste
  • Waste Oil
  • Waste Fuel
  • Waste Water
  • Waste Chemicals
  • Raw Cake
  • Biodiesel

These are just a few of the liquid waste haulage services that Suttons offers. However, we can transport a wide range of liquid waste throughout the United Kingdom.

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Value Adding Services

Of course, working with Suttons Tankers provides access to our geographically large network fleet and our drivers that are trained in transporting waste effectively while minimising the chance of accidents.

Yet there are other benefits that a contract with us includes, such as unrivalled in-house technical knowledge, and the ability for us to supplement and support your current resources with a focus on sustainability, reliability, and growth.

For example, we can perform site visits and assess your equipment and maintenance, providing an insight on the most judicious solutions. We have done so for previous water industry clients and managed to reduce their long-term cost while improving implementation reliability.

Our proven track record when it comes to successful change of management and TUPE regulations through the transfer of in-house fleets makes us a logical choice for the replacement of incumbents during a time where other hauliers are ceasing operations.

Our fleet size is unmatched, as is our ability to create safe, bespoke solutions for our customers that are efficient and cost-effective while remaining unflinching on environmental excellence. We strive for continuous, sustainable improvement through our contracts, and in practice for some of our customers this means a reduction in cost-to-serve and reductions of tens of thousands of annual CO2 emissions.

Liquid Waste Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Suttons for Commercial Liquid Waste Removal

Suttons is a key player within the bulk waste sector, with particular expertise in the raw cake and sludge markets. Suttons has a strong partnership with utilities companies across the UK, most notably with Yorkshire Water.

The partnership with Yorkshire Water has driven value for customers and significant efficiencies for the utility company.

With a large fleet of artic and rigid vehicles, as well as vacuum tanks and general purpose barrels, Suttons Tankers have the equipment to support with liquid waste disposal and transport, as well as chemical and hazardous waste.

Suttons Tankers also has experience with emergency response contracts within liquid waste management which require drivers to be ‘on call’ to assist with reactive enquiries.

Suttons have a multitude of depots located across the country to ensure they are where its customers need them most.

What is the Minimum Liquid Waste Haulage Amount?

The majority of our liquid waste tanker fleet can carry up to 28 tonnes of product, however, we have rigid vehicles which can carry 18 and 14 tonnes of product.

These vehicles are often better for smaller sites which can be difficult to manoeuvre on.

Sometimes there are occasions when a customer doesn’t need to fill the tank to its maximum limit and this can be ok, but maximising payloads is a way to make sure the customer is getting best value for money, so it is encouraged.

All liquid waste products are different so looking at the Material Safety Data Sheet is important to understand the nature of the product and the transport requirements.

How much does Liquid Waste Removal Cost?

The costs for liquid waste transport varies depending on the requirements from the customer, activity profile and the fleet that is required to do the job.

There are many different variables that need to be taken into account which can influence the pricing of jobs within the bulk waste sector. These include but are not limited to: loading and delivery destinations, nature of the product, customer delivery profile and when we can unload the product, the type of tank that is required to fulfil the job safely, and the frequency of the job.

Our Commercial team are always on hand to help price up work for customers, whether that be contract work with dedicated fleet or spot business.

Where can Suttons Transport Goods?

Suttons transport liquid waste materials across the UK and have main depots in Widnes, Stockton, Scunthorpe, Hull, Ellesmere Port and Willenhall.

With its major partnership with Yorkshire Water, Suttons have a large presence in the Yorkshire area central depots in Featherstone and Leeds.

Which Liquid Waste Products can be Delivered in Bulk?

There are lots of products within the bulk waste sector which Suttons can carry for its customers. Some of these include:

  • Raw cake
  • Liquid sludge
  • Used Cooking Oil
  • Biodiesel
  • Wastewater
  • Bio-solid sludge
  • Waste chemicals
  • Waste Oil

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