Transporting Fuel By Road: What Products Are Moved In Road Tankers?

Petroleum based products have a broad range of uses which impact our daily lives ranging from household heating to electricity generation or powering all modes of transport.
The fuel that we transport in our bulk fuel tankers is not just forecourt fuel, it goes much further than just supporting the private and commercial transport.

Transporting Fuel By Road
Does all fuel transported in road tankers end up in a forecourt?

While a large bulk of fuel that we, and other bulk fuel hauliers, move ends up in forecourts, there are many other products that are transported such as gas oil, kerosene, bitumen products, HVO, waste oils, biofuels, methanol and ethanol, which help sustain our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Fuel transport contributes much more to everyday life than you might ordinarily think.

What are the end uses of bulk fuels transported by road?

Gas oil, often known as red diesel, is frequently used to power machinery and is generally for commercial and agricultural use. Kerosene is a lighter oil often used for household heating systems and is widely used in the agricultural industry with a high seasonality linked to the colder winter months.

The ethanol that we move in the fuel haulage sector is often used to create products such as anti-freeze and de-icer which we know are so important in the winter months. Ethanol is also used to blend into traditional diesel and unleaded supplies to create biofuel blends.

The significance of the bulk transportation of diesel and unleaded cannot be downplayed: it is crucial to keep society moving. Fuel is an everyday essential that ensures that supply chains do not break down, public transport can remain open, and that people can get to work and school.

Suttons road tanker transporting fuelWhat role do Suttons Tankers play in the fuel haulage sector?

Suttons Tankers move fuel from multiple different terminals across the UK for nationwide distribution on a 24/7 basis with a dedicated state of the art road tanker fleet.

With a track record in safety, compliance and outstanding service levels, Suttons offers world class performance levels and builds meaningful partnerships with its customers which are focused on continuous improvement.

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