International Logistics Sectors

Suttons Group works with clients across a range of sectors, including arranging logistics and fleet maintenance for one of the UK's largest manufacturers of gases. Our fleet management service includes testing, servicing and modifying containers - from smaller IBC's to full-size tank containers.



Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals offer their own unique challenges when transporting globally. Often volatile, corrosive, flammable and easily destabilized, they need special handling to retain their characteristics and ensure they are not compromised during transport.

Suttons fleet of containers feature a wide range of specifications enabling the assured safety, security and product integrity at all times, despite changing climates temperatures and weather.



Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals may be a health hazard, physical hazard or both and transportation of these dangerous goods are covered by stringent regulations that vary between global territories. At Suttons we follow our own rigorous best practices and use the latest tank containers and technology to successfully transport hazardous chemicals around the world. Delivering them safely and securely to their destination for our customers.



Non Hazardous Chemicals

As a world leader in tank container logistics, our team is well versed in transporting bulk quantities of non-hazardous chemicals around the world.

We have global assets and a large fleet of tank containers in a range of specifications that means we can assure security and safety at each step of the supply chain. We understand the importance of ensuring product integrity, which is why we have worked with most of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers.




At Suttons Group, we operate a large fleet of gas tanks that are designed for the safe transportation of a wide variety of gases, including:

  • Cryogenic gases including argon, nitrogen and oxygen
  • Pressurised gases including aerosols, butadiene and propane
  • Tank containers specifically designed for carbon dioxide

Our expertise has seen us provide logistics services with some of the world’s largest gas manufacturers. We’ve built up our reputation for the safe and dependable transportation of gases over our 60 year history.




Transporting foodstuffs globally presents its own challenges and demands, such as ensuring product integrity and regulating temperature conditions. Suttons Group are able to transport a wide variety of foodstuffs globally.

Suttons Group has the equipment, knowledge and supply chain contacts to assure our customers of a safe and dependable logistics service.

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ISO Tank Container Logistics

Suttons International specializes in the safe handling of bulk hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. We have built up a vast international network which allows us to provide one of the safest and most efficient tank container logistics services available.

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Logistics Technology

At Suttons Group, we utilize cutting-edge logistics technologies to help our clients make efficiencies within their business.

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