Delivering Life’s Essentials

Suttons International transports the base chemicals vital for manufacturing “Life’s Essentials”, from global production plants to manufacturing facilities. With a focus on safety and sustainability, including a EcoVadis a sustainability rating and adherence to a comprehensive ESG plan, we ensure the secure and eco-friendly delivery of the building blocks to “Life’s Essentials” across industries worldwide.

What are Life’s Essentials?

Life’s Essentials are the everyday things on which we all rely in our lives. They range from the mundane, such as the cleaning products under your sink – to the exciting like the components in your brand-new smartphone. Suttons carries them all.

Regardless of the product, these things all have one thing in common. Key chemicals are used in their production. Suttons International delivers these chemicals safely and sustainably using our global fleet of tank containers from factories across the world to manufacturing or production plants, which produce the end components or products that become “Life’s Essentials”.

Life’s Essentials encompass a broad spectrum of items that we rely on for our comfort, health, and productivity. They include the everyday household goods like detergents, soaps, and household cleaners that keep our living spaces tidy and hygienic. They also extend to the sophisticated components powering the latest technological marvels, such as the microchips and circuitry inside your electronic devices.

What unites these disparate products is the pivotal role of key chemicals in their production processes. Chemical compounds serve as building blocks, catalysts, or essential elements in the manufacturing of these goods. Whether it’s the polymers in your food packaging, the pharmaceutical ingredients in your medicine cabinet, or the fertilisers nurturing our crops, chemical substances are indispensable contributors to modern life.

We recognise the critical importance of these chemicals and the responsibility inherent in their transportation. With a commitment to safety and sustainability, we proudly undertake the task of delivering these substances from their points of origin – be it manufacturing plants or refineries across the globe – to the facilities where they are transformed into Life’s Essentials.

Our Commitment to Safety


Our dedication to safety means employing stringent protocols and technologies to ensure that each shipment reaches its destination securely. From advanced telematics and tank tracking technology to ensure chemical products in transit remain safe and secure at the correct temperature and conditions, to our rigorous internal quality targets which ensure all tanks are maintained to the highest levels of safety and compliance. We spare no effort in safeguarding both the products and the communities through which they pass.

Prioritising Sustainability

Equally integral to our mission is sustainability. We understand the environmental impact of transportation. Through our 5-year ESG plan, which we have been following for over a year now and recently been recognised with a Silver sustainability rating from EcoVadis, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint at every opportunity.

Through initiatives such as optimising logistics routes, investing in eco-friendly transport modes where possible, and promoting energy-efficient practices, we endeavour to mitigate our environmental impact while continuing to deliver Life’s Essentials safely and sustainably.

In essence, at Suttons International, we take pride in facilitating the seamless flow of Life’s Essentials, ensuring that the products integral to our daily lives reach us safely, sustainably, and with the utmost care. By upholding these principles, we not only fulfil our role as a logistics provider but also contribute to the well-being and prosperity of communities worldwide.

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