The past four years have been an exciting and transformative period for both Suttons and Yorkshire Water. We have implemented significant changes to our framework agreement, resulting in positive service, a resilient operation and an ability to adapt to an ever changing environment.

One of the key changes has been the introduction of a new driver shift pattern, which has optimised our performance by aligning resources more effectively. Additionally, we have rolled out a new digital debrief system, allowing drivers to participate in planning and performance assessment.

This digital debrief system has empowered our drivers with ownership and responsibility, enabling them to provide real-time updates to both the customer and Suttons. They can now take charge of their daily KPIs, leading to a notable boost in performance and positive feedback from the drivers.

Richard Glossop, Sludge Manager at Yorkshire Water, commented: “Having access to a live debrief system as a customer means we can review driver feedback directly and cut out the middle man in information requests, this means we are able to review and resolve problems faster than ever.”

Driver engagement remains a priority for us, and we continuously strive to maintain high morale among our drivers and staff. We have increased senior management site visits, held more driver meetings with active collaboration, and introduced incentives like the Driver of the Month award. Our efforts to improve communication with our drivers have resulted in a perfect safety record for the last quarter.

Customer focus is one of our core values, and we demonstrate this principle directly on the Yorkshire Water contract. We maintain robust communication with the customer, promptly addressing any additional requests or enquiries.

We have also made substantial investments in our planning team, ensuring they possess strong administrative skills. With a 24/7 operation, it is crucial to provide continuous, accurate reporting to our customer in a timely manner.

Our in-house data analysts have been instrumental in supporting continuous improvement projects and implementing efficient reporting tools, which have been well-received by our customer. These enhancements have strengthened our partnership with Yorkshire Water, fostering trust between our organisations.

Our driver cohort on the Yorkshire Water contract is unparalleled. Through the partnership, we have been able to increase movements over the past quarter to meet increasing demand within Yorkshire Water, and this has contributed to the best quarter of energy generation in their history.

This achievement is a testament to our exceptional drivers, dedicated office team, supportive customer Yorkshire Water, and the innovative spirit of Suttons. If it can be done, Suttons will find a way to do it!

Richard Glossop added, “The past four years of partnership with Suttons Tankers can only be regarded as a success, having met all our goals in the initial outsourcing and providing a strong core operational service to our business.”

“When we reflect and look back at the progress we have made in delivering value to the Yorkshire Water customer for this core operation, we can regard this partnership as being a success in meeting all of our original goals and opening up further opportunities.”

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