Suttons Tankers 100th fuels truck

Suttons Tankers have grown exponentially in the fuels and bitumen sectors in recent years, providing its customers with the highest levels of safety and customer service.

Expanding into new markets is never easy, but with the right team and the right infrastructure, success can be achieved.

With its 100th fuels truck, a Volvo FM, coming into service at the beginning of the year, Suttons reflect on their journey in the fuels industry and how they have become a leading provider to fuels distributors and retailers in the UK.

Investing in the highest quality fleet

Investing in the most appropriate specification and highest quality equipment has been monumental in contributing to the success Suttons has seen in recent years. With increasing demand and customers being situated across the breadth of the UK, having state-of-the-art fleet is imperative in ensuring high quality service.

The fuels operation at Suttons runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with vehicles often being double shifted. Suttons Tankers have never shied away from investing in the latest equipment in its more mature markets and that commitment has extended to its fuels operation.

In early 2024 Suttons took delivery of its 100th fuels truck which was a monumental moment for the business. The truck was one of a batch of four low cab Volvo FM’s with Gardner Denver discharge equipment and pet reg fit out.

The new Volvo FMs are 10% more fuel efficient than other units, which contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Sustainability is high on Suttons’ agenda, so investing in these units supports its robust ESG policy.

The logistics provider, most commonly known for its presence in the bulk chemicals industry, expanded into the fuels market in 2017 and has proven to be a real disruptor in the market.

The Volvo FM units that Suttons typically run on its fuels operation benefit from a lighter weight, enabling increased payload in the tank. Steve Hassall, Fleet Director, said: “All fuels trucks are fully fitted with Microlise telematics which monitor driving style, as well as having full outward facing camera systems.”

With investment running at £5m over the last two years, ensuring its drivers have the optimum equipment not only provides them with the best possible working environment, but also delivers efficiency and other benefits to its customers.

Driver comfort is key. “With drivers at the heart of our business, we specify our fleet on the requirements of the customer and product, but also seek feedback from our drivers on how to make their working environment as comfortable as possible”, says Steve Hassall.

Reduction in maintenance cost is a key benefit of investing in a modern fleet. Suttons Tankers experience reduced downtime on its vehicles due to its fleet replacement programme. This ultimately drives customer satisfaction due to improved performance levels, explaining why Suttons have a track record in delivering high service levels to its customers.

David Heath, Head of Fuels, commented: “Our trucks are run day and night so ensuring we can deliver our promise to customers is paramount. Having the latest specification of trucks, coupled with high performing in-house workshops, ensures we minimise the potential for service delays.”

Cultivating a strong team

While investment in fleet is crucial in delivering success, cultivating a strong team is fundamental. Suttons has brought in experienced individuals with industry knowledge, experience, and contacts, which has been a key success factor in enabling growth.

With significant recent appointments, the fuels team are growing in numbers and in strength. It’s senior leadership team span over 70 years’ experience within the fuels industry. This arms them with the knowledge and capabilities to guide its team of skilled drivers and planners, while supporting loyal customers within this sector.

The fuels leadership team at Suttons work hard to ensure maximum engagement with its driver cohort.

Holding town hall meetings and ensuring regular face-to-face interaction is high on their agenda.

David Heath believes that “having an engaged driver workforce is fundamental to enabling growth and successful partnerships within the bulk fuels industry.”

Growth at the top of its agenda

While Suttons Tankers have seen significant growth in the fuels sector in recent years, they are determined not to stop there.

“Complacent is something we will never be. At Suttons we are passionate about supporting our customers, helping them grow, while also increasing our market share” David Heath tells us.

With Suttons taking delivery of its 100th fuels truck, stay tuned to see what’s next for this growing business.

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