The Critical Role of Suttons in Delivering Oxygen for BOC to the Healthcare Industry

At Suttons, we understand the immense responsibility we hold in the healthcare supply chain, especially when it comes to delivering medical oxygen for BOC. This is just one of the many gases that we move across the UK. This essential resource plays a crucial role in patient care across various healthcare settings. Our dedication to compliance, safety, and efficiency ensures that medical oxygen is delivered reliably and securely, supporting healthcare providers in their life-saving work.

Nigel Hughes, Head of Gas at Suttons Tankers

Our Dedicated Team and Fleet

Suttons currently employs 63 drivers who are strategically located at 11 different sites. To fulfil our contractual obligations with BOC, we utilise 78 BOC-owned trailers across our network. This extensive setup allows us to maintain a robust and efficient delivery system, ensuring that medical oxygen cylinders are transported where they are needed most.

Role in the Healthcare Supply Chain

While Suttons does not deliver directly to end users such as hospitals, our role is no less critical. We form the trunking network that transports cylinders from BOC site to BOC site. From these locations, BOC’s own fleet completes the final deliveries to end users, which include NHS facilities, private care homes, and other private health institutions. This system ensures a streamlined and effective distribution process, covering the entire healthcare industry.

Nationwide Coverage

Our operations span the entire UK, with drivers based out of 11 locations, ensuring that we can collect and deliver cylinders from as far south as Plymouth to as far north as Aberdeen. This nationwide coverage ensures that medical oxygen is available across the country, providing essential support to healthcare providers everywhere.

Safety in Transporting Gas Cylinders

Transporting gas cylinders comes with significant safety implications. The cylinders are loaded onto pallets, which are then secured onto pintle trailers to prevent any movement during transit. However, risks can arise if pallets are not strapped correctly, potentially leading to cylinder spills. In such cases, there is a danger of cylinder valves shearing off, which could result in harmful gas escaping or the cylinders behaving like torpedoes due to the high pressure of the gas. Suttons places a high priority on preventing such incidents through rigorous safety protocols.

Comprehensive Driver Training

To ensure the safe and efficient handling of medical oxygen cylinders, our drivers undergo extensive training programs. These programs cover all relevant Suttons and BOC (Linde) procedures, including driving, forklift truck operations, handling cylinders, and product awareness. Training also encompasses all necessary legislative, company, and customer-related procedures. Refresher training is provided regularly in line with company processes to ensure our drivers remain knowledgeable and vigilant about safety practices.


Suttons is committed to playing a pivotal role in the healthcare industry by ensuring the reliable and safe delivery of medical oxygen for BOC. Our extensive network, dedicated team, and stringent safety protocols ensure that this vital resource reaches healthcare providers across the nation, supporting their efforts to save lives and provide critical care.

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