Supply Chain Solution Design – what it is and why it benefits customers

What is supply chain solution design?

Suttons Tankers have been managing and optimising supply chains for some of the largest corporations in the UK for almost a century – the techniques have advanced but the principles remain the same. Supply chain management refers to the coordination of the sourcing, transport and storage of product for a business. This can often be complex and involve multiple companies.

One of the ways in which Suttons adds value to its customers is through its supply chain solutions. We are aware that it can be difficult for businesses to step back and analyse their supply chain, and quite often they do not have a specialist in house team for this work.

That is where Suttons come in to help. We analyse your current operation and come up with an optimal solution, so you can concentrate on your customers.

The dedicated analytics team at Suttons work with the Head of Sectors to formulate bespoke supply-chain solutions that help customers increase efficiency and manage volatility in their supply chains.

This consultative approach eases the challenges our customers currently face and gives them a new, innovative way to add resilience to their supply chain.

How do Suttons redesign a supply chain?

Our expert analysts take customer delivery data and optimise the resource profile so that it balances efficiency with flexibility. This gives the customer scalability while also reducing costs, emissions and improving service performance.

We can also look at instances where we can implement new strategically located storage sites to act as a contingency. This can help level fluctuations in demand and provide a safety net for production issues.

One of the key benefits of this is streamlining the supply chain to enable a more consistent flow of product and therefore minimise delays.

In addition to identifying new storage locations, Suttons have also successfully relocated resource through the careful analysis of delivery locations and fleet. Having strategically positioned resources that can pivot in line with geographical changes in supply and demand is another key factor in streamlining supply chains to deliver efficiencies for our customers.

Although Suttons are a transport and logistics provider, we focus on the entire supply chain when optimising for our customers. We proactively monitor and manage inventory levels to help create flex-capacity within the core fleet resource. This gives our customers the opportunities for growth but in a sustainable manner.

Why do Suttons offer this consultative approach to its customers?

As the UK’s largest bulk chemical logistics provider, and subsequently having operations in the fuels, gas, waste and powders sectors, the industry experts within our business have extensive knowledge of the industry.

We have the relevant knowledge and experience of operating in volatile markets and this is often something our competitors do not offer.

Our ability to analyse like a third-party consultant would, but for our customers whom we have created a partnership with, sets us apart from our competition.

The in-house resource we have at Suttons is a major advantage to our customers. Our dedicated team of fleet engineers, safety professionals, and operational experts are available to support and consult with customers, resulting in optimal solutions and resilience in their supply chains.

What benefits does this service bring to customers?

This bespoke service that we offer at Suttons is extremely beneficial to customers. Supply chain management is something that not all hauliers can offer, and customers often have to outsource to consultants.

Suttons’ supply chain solution design service gives customers increased control over their supply chain, reducing the risk of supply chain failures.

It also enables the scalability of operations, removing risk from growth or unexpected disruptions. With growth being high on most of our customers’ agendas, this is a key benefit of our offering.

The customers Suttons has conducted supply chain solution redesign for have all seen an overall increase in productivity and efficiency. These factors lead to increased revenue and better performance for businesses.

Hugh McCorkell, Site Coordinator at Argent Energy commented:

“Suttons Tankers provide us with a unique service when it comes to waste transport. Their multiple depot locations across the UK means they can provide commercially advantageous solutions for our needs…

Haulier support for this kind of work is difficult to find and having Suttons Tankers as a preferred supplier is a significant advantage to us in the production of our Biodiesel products.”

We know how important the end customers are to our customers, so service levels are always at the top of our agenda. Redesigning supply chains for optimisation increases the reliability of service which result in increased customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to find out how we can optimise your supply chain through our solution design offering.

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