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Driver Training

Suttons invests substantial funds and resources in safety and we have a team of dedicated and accredited driver trainers within the UK Road Tanker division whose primary role is to ensure the professionalism and operational integrity of our drivers.

In 2000, Suttons established a Driver Training Centre in the UK to provide new drivers with Safety Induction Training. In addition, all drivers attend an annual classroom refresher course which includes updates on legislation, safety and customer care issues. Our drivers are also given skid pan training to prepare them for emergency situations that they may encounter.

Regular assessments are carried out on all our drivers to safeguard against the risk of drivers becoming unfamiliar with any tasks that they may face day to day.

All driver training is logged in a centralised system which automatically prompts when refresher training is required, based on a pre-determined set of parameters. This ensures every driver is up to date with the latest training and information.

To keep safety at the forefront of our driver’s minds, Suttons holds monthly safety briefings on a different safety critical topic at each of our depots for all of our drivers. These range in topic from driver fatigue to winter driving techniques.

HGV skid pan training - suttons Driver Training