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Suttons Group is an exceptional Company. In the last two years, our revenues have increased by 40% and we have invested over £30 million in new equipment and systems. We have an enviable reputation for safety, integrity and technical excellence in our operations and a list of blue chip clients who entrust us with supporting their business.

As a leading global provider of bulk liquid, powder and gas logistics solutions, our success is wholly dependent on the knowledge, skills and commitment of our people. It is therefore clear that our priority and passion is to ensure that Suttons has the best people to take this business forward. That’s why we want to hear from you.

Our objective is to continue to successfully develop and grow in our chosen markets and regions worldwide and to achieve this we are looking for exceptional, talented people. That talent and potential may have been gained in the logistics sector or in another area of business. What matters is your drive, commitment an ability to learn and take responsibility.

We operate in challenging and competitive markets and we need individuals with drive and resilience as well as excellent functional skills. We will provide the necessary training and support those who want to succeed and we will reward their achievements and success.

If you believe you have the knowledge, skills, ability and a proven track record of success that would be of interest to us, contact us. Send full details of your education and career to date, current earnings package and a one page personal summary telling us why we should meet you for an interesting, stimulating and potentially career changing discussion.

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