Suttons International China is proud to announce the launch of its ground-breaking domestic trucking service exclusively tailored for the Chinese region. This venture is set to redefine chemical logistics, offering customers unparalleled reliability, value, and service.

David Kehoe – Financial Director, Karl Hudson – Regional Director North Asia, Michelle Atkinson – HR Director International, Graeme Mcfaull – Chairman

To mark this momentous occasion, Suttons China hosted a grand opening event, welcoming 35 guests, including current and potential customers, vendors, and partners. The event showcased Suttons China’s commitment to excellence in the chemical transportation industry.

Established in November, Suttons Tankers China is now officially qualified for the transportation of Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 dangerous goods on Chinese roads, ensuring the highest safety standards in the industry.

The company has invested significantly in its fleet, acquiring 10 new tractors featuring the latest technology from the reputable Chinese brand SITRAK. These 460hp 6*4 vehicles comply with China VI emission standards. Additionally, Suttons China has added 12 container trailers to its fleet, including a combination of 20ft 2-axle, 30ft 3-axle, and 40ft 3-axle trailers. All units are equipped with cutting-edge G7 monitoring systems to ensure real-time tracking and enhanced security.

To guarantee the highest level of proficiency and safety, Suttons China has implemented a rigorous two-week training program and assessment for all drivers and their escorts. Upon successful completion, each participant will be awarded the ‘Suttons Driver Passport,’ a certification encompassing vital skills such as PPE usage, emergency procedures, defensive driving, liquid chemical loading and unloading, security protocols, fatigue risk awareness, rollover avoidance, pre-use vehicle checks, product awareness, slow-speed manoeuvring, safety-related policies, and customer care.

Suttons China looks forward to revolutionizing the chemical logistics landscape in China, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

“The launch of Suttons Tankers China, our domestic trucking service designed to elevate chemical logistics standards in the region, marks a significant milestone for our business. With a commitment to reliability, value, and service, we aim to redefine the landscape and set new benchmarks for safety and efficiency. The ‘Suttons Driver Passport’ initiative underscores our dedication to excellence, ensuring our team is equipped with the highest level of skills and awareness. We look forward to contributing to the industry’s growth and success in China.

John Sutton – Chief Executive Officer – Suttons International

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