What You Need To Know About Powders Logistics

Powdered materials are a vital part of how modern society operates today. Without powder we wouldn’t be able to produce the majority of the modern technology that is available to us.

Powdered material helps support modern society so it’s important that it can be transported safely and uncompromised.

If you deal with this type of material then you will need to employ a powder logistics expert who knows what they’re doing.

At Suttons Tankers we have a fleet of specialised powder tankers that can store and transport powdered materials all over the UK.

What is Powder Logistics?

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Powder logistics, often known as ‘dry bulk’, refers to the transportation and storage of powdered materials in a safe and efficient manner. This would include powders that need to be transported in bulk.

The objective is to get the powder from one destination to another on time and in a safe condition.

How is Powder transported?

The transportation of powder needs to be executed with perfection otherwise you could risk contaminating the product. This could be catastrophic, especially when it is transported in bulk quantities.

At Suttons we have the latest equipment and technology to transport powder appropriately across the UK.

In our fleet we currently have silo tanks and tipping tanks which allows us to discharge different powders and minerals.

Our fleet also includes 30ft and 40ft bag in box equipment, meaning we have the capability for intermodal movements.

We can also move powder products that require a belly tank.

Is there any compliance to follow when transporting powders?

Transporting powders can be a hazard to the environment if any of it is lost in the supply chain.

At every stage of the transportation and storing process there is an opportunity for powder to be lost which is why compliance needs to be followed.

In the UK we have Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Compliance with these regulations is crucial to ensure safe handling, packaging, labelling, and documentation of the hazardous powder.

What are the dangers involved with transporting powders?

There’s always a degree of risk involved with the transportation of bulk materials. When transporting powders there needs to be a risk assessment for every stage of the process.

This includes the loading and unloading of the powder materials as well as the ‘line of fire’ these tanks and powders can create.

Protecting our workers and the environment from any harmful powders is extremely important to us. Which is the reason we take so much care and caution.

When should I change powder logistics providers?

Having your powders delivered using a logistics company can mean you have a regular supply of powder. Sometimes issues arise and you may seek alternative options.

We deal with current customers who may want to expand their logistical needs and also new customers who need a reliable provider.

We have extensive TUPE experience and have successfully transferred drivers and staff from incumbent providers as well as in-house operations.

Suttons Tankers – experts in powder logistics

Through continuous investment into our powder fleet we now have the means to create bespoke logistic solutions for our customers.

Staff investment is important to us also, which is why our drivers and staff receive world class training and continue to develop their skills during their careers at Suttons.

Suttons has the ability to transport an extensive range of powder materials, including but not limited to:

  • PVC.
  • PET granules.
  • Cement powder.
  • Carbon.
  • Recycled Plastics.
  • Industrial Starch.
  • Calcium Carbonate (Talcum Powder).

Find out more about switching to a new powder logistics company by contacting us today.

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