Liquid Waste Tankers At Suttons Tankers

At Suttons Tankers, one of our key services is providing bulk liquid waste collection and transport services for businesses in the wastewater, sewage, and any other sector around the country.

For every product, there is by association a waste product. This includes sludge, foodstuffs, and other liquid wastes. Our fleet of waste tanks are capable of transporting any liquid waste product safely and efficiently.

If your business needs an experienced haulage company with the capacity to manage your liquid waste transport, please contact Suttons Tankers today and we would be happy to help. We even have TUPE experience when it comes to working with in-house fleets and other providers, so we can work effectively with your current hauliers while we take over.

What is a liquid waste tanker?

A liquid waste tanker is a large aluminium or stainless-steel tanker trailer that can hold bulk quantities of liquid waste.

Any business that produces liquid waste is responsible for the safe storage and transportation of said waste. This can be performed by an in-house team, but it is often more efficient and cost-effective to work with a company that is trained in, and has the appropriate equipment to transport, bulk quantities of liquid waste.

This is not limited to companies that operate in the utilities sector. Restaurants, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, industrial manufacturers, and even pharmaceutical companies are just some examples of businesses that may require liquid waste removal and bulk liquid waste transport services.

Waste tanker specifications

Waste tanks, also known as vacuum tanks, are single compartment tanks rather than multi-compartment tanks (like many road chemical tanks are). They are also smaller and rounder than others and feature domed ends. These domed ends are necessary to allow the tank to withstand large pressures without damage – more on why pressure is important below.

Our liquid waste disposal tanks come with a capacity of 30,000L and, for ease of use, have the same wheel length as our other trailers.

What do liquid waste tankers carry?

Liquid waste tankers are built for the purpose of transporting waste liquids such as sludge, effluent, and any other form of liquid waste.

Bulk liquid waste tankers, like ours at Suttons Tankers, can move large quantities of liquid in a single tank – as opposed to IBC containers or drums. We work with customers who require the movement of 25 tonnes and above.

For our customers, this can result in either single or multiple loads being transported per day. For example, for our customer Yorkshire Water, we run multiple loads and move around 3000 tonnes of liquid waste per day.

Our vac tankers can remove sludge with a dry-to-solid ratio (D.S) of up to roughly 6%. We are currently investing in brand new hi-vac tankers (DISAB) for progression in this sector. These tanks will enable us to transport loads with much heavier solids and grits.

What types of waste tankers are there?

The majority of liquid waste tankers are vacuum tanks, meaning they are sealed containers with a low pressure. They are then fitted with a pump system that can create pressure within the vacuum to help load and unload the tank.

For clarity, the vacuum tanker enables liquids to be loaded and held in the tank and then the pump can be changed over to pressure which is used to then discharge the loads when required.

Hazardous and chemical waste logistics

More specialist waste acids and waste alkalis may require specialist tankers and equipment to transport.

While our drivers can hold ADR accreditation for the movement of hazardous waste, we currently work with trusted specialist waste management partners for the disposal of hazardous liquid waste.

Bulk waste tanker services at Suttons Tankers

At Suttons Tankers, we can handle the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste waters, sludge, effluent, and more, for our clients.

When you work with us, you are helping to contribute to environmentally friendly policies as the majority of our liquid waste disposal loads go toward anaerobic digestion for the production of green energy.

If you would like to find out more about our bulk waste liquid transport services, please contact us today.

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