Welcome Back Us Holmdel Office

Our Suttons International US office located in Holmdel, NJ has recently taken the first step to returning to normality and has reopened for staff to come back to the office. Thanks to the hard work of team members based in Holmdel, the office is now open and Covid secure!

The office is currently running at a reduced capacity of 50% to ensure social distance measures are adhered to. All staff are allocated “hot-spot” desks to maintain 2 metre distance guidelines, which are set up with their IT equipment as well as antibacterial gel and wipes. Staff are instructed to wipe down their station at the beginning and end of each shift.

Masks are required when not at a desk, automatic sanitiser dispensers are located at both entrances to the office, and a one-way system is in place to further ensure the 2 metre guidelines.

Prior to the reopening, the office received a full deep clean. A small group of staff generously came in to spend time removing old equipment, getting rid of old papers, and stowing unused supplies, so that all the desks were completely empty and could be easily wiped down.  A cleaning team then sterilised all the desks, and shampooed the carpet, to freshen up the office which has sat idle since March 16, 2020.

Thanks to everyone involved in this process, it’s really great to see our business overcoming the challenges presented by Covid and begin to return to normality in a safe and Covid secure way.


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