Throwback Thursday – Suttons Heated Tanks

Suttons Group have a rich history of innovation within the logistics industry. Our solutions orientated approach to business means that we are continuously working on new ways to serve our customers with the safest and most efficient solutions to their logistics needs.

One such innovation was the heated tank, allowing temperature sensitive products to be safely moved long distances.

Suttons were the first company to offer such a tank. In 1974 our team of technicians created a novel heating solution using a heating element fixed to the tank, which offered localised area heating to the tank, allowing for products that required heating to be safely stored and moved.


Alongside developing the localised heated tank, our technicians were hard at work providing a solution to moving chemicals which required much more precise heating and temperature control. Working closely alongside customer ICI, Suttons developed a tank container specifically designed to move sensitive products such as MDI, which required much more uniform and precise heating to be safely moved and stored.  


This type of tank used a “heated blanket” to apply uniform heating to the entire tank, thus ensuring the product within maintained a stable and constant temperature at all times.


Suttons patented these innovative new products and although the patents have long since expired, our technicians went on to refine and advanced further iterations of the heated tank. Today the heated tanks we use across out fleet can still trace it origins to the heated tanks developed in the 70s!


By looking back at our history as a company we can see the direction we take into the future. Innovation, collaboration with our customers, and a focus on safety are as important to Suttons now as they have always been, and will remain core elements of our business long into the future 

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