The Suttons International Maritime Network

As a supplier of international tank container logistics services, we act as one link in a larger supply chain connecting customers and ensuring complex deliveries are completed safely and reliably across the world.


We operate an extremely dynamic maritime network, which ensures all tank container deliveries that require international shipping arrive at the closest possible port to their end destination, reducing the need for longer overland journeys. Thanks to the power of our maritime network, in 2022 alone we completed over 20,000 Deepsea deliveries, which averages out at over 50 a day, from over 130 ports across the globe. The strength of our maritime network enables us to offer flexibility with our shipping lanes, allowing our customers’ products to be shipped to any location required worldwide without compromising on value or safety.


This is achieved through maintaining a large number of active shipping lanes, great relationships with shipping companies, and close contacts with agents and ports in all international regions. Our expert procurement team demand the highest standard from our third-party shipping partners, to ensure the safety of our customers products, as well as the safety of all individuals in the supply chain, and the environment which we operate in. All third-party shipping companies go through a rigorous tender process which guarantees that we only work with business who share Suttons standards towards reducing environmental impact, maintain sustainable practices, and our policy on modern slavery, as well as bringing the very best rates, allowing us to reduce costs for our customers.

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