Suttons’ Wash Bay Investment

Suttons are pleased to announce a substantial investment for our Widnes depot wash bay, bringing sustainable, reliable, and safety focused improvements to our operations and third-party business’, while ensuring our wash bay is future proofed for many years to come.

After more than four years of planning and identifying areas of improvement, our wash bay is due to receive significant upgrades to many of its core systems, with a total of £500,000 being invested.


These enhancements include replacing all electrical control systems, replacing all pump sets and high-pressure pumps, and a new effluent plant complete with dual DAF plants. Our carbon footprint, water usage, and the electricity usage of the wash bay will be significantly reduced, while also becoming more reliable, and time and cost efficient.


The existing 48-bar pressure pump system will be replaced with a 100-bar variable system, which we believe will be one of the first of its kind to be installed in a UK wash bay. This will allow us to save water and time when operating, whilst also providing a higher quality wash and a significant reduction in confined space entry.


The new control systems will also allow for bespoke wash cycles to be created depending on the product being washed, ensuring only the necessary amount of water and time is used to fully clean a tank.


The upgrades to the effluent plant dramatically improve the sustainability of the wash bay. This allows us to remove more grease and oil from water than ever before, which in turn enables us to recycle more water for future use and reduce our wastewater. The wash bay will adhere to effluent tests from United Utilities and remain ahead of the curve for environmental standards for many years.


These improvements to the effluent plant will allow the wash bay to tackle a wider range of products than previously possible, and the improved automated effluent system will reduce the downtime and hours spent completing maintenance cycles; ultimately driving uptime and increased volume capability.


The loaded tank heat bay will also receive a much-needed upgrade, the supply steam pipework will be completely renewed, insulated and clad to minimise thermal loss. The addition of a bespoke condensate return system will provide a significant energy saving and CO2 reduction.

The hot water heating system will be expanded to supply 10 bays. Steam powered heat exchangers will be installed to deliver highly accurate hot water on demand.


Each heat bay will also be installed with remote temperature monitoring. The software platform will provide our Customers with access to real time telemetry data, secure cloud based historical data and the ability to receive predefined alerts via e mail. We are not aware of any other UK Depot providing this level of insight or high-quality data.


This overall investment reflects Suttons Group’s commitment to the reliability, safety, and efficiency of our operations, as well as our ever increasing focus on reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the local and wider environment.


For more information on the wash bay and the Widnes depot please contact:

Neil Babbs – Workshop Manager – Suttons International 

Tel: +44 151 422 2799 

Mobile: +44 771 207 5964






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