Suttons International: Global Business, One Culture

Our unique strength is how we have embraced and celebrated cultural diversity to create a business where shared, compelling, and inter-related goals have merged, where we draw strength from the diversity of each of our colleagues. Our global network means Suttons International is the most diverse and culturally rich logistics provider. We have thrived from this intrinsic diversity, defining and establishing a Suttons culture, that makes sure we are able to align closely with each of our customers needs.

Having shared goals and values throughout Suttons whilst embracing the diversity of local cultures is what provides the Suttons’ value difference.  Our success relies on effortless collaboration between teams across the globe. Working locally in Europe, the Americas, and throughout Asia to make sure we provide consistently excellent customer service, to ensure ISO Tank deliveries arrive safely and on time. 


Our five Core Values are ideals shared by all our global colleagues: Safety First, Customer Focus, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, and Teamwork. These form the basis of a wider Suttons culture. As a business we have seeded those values in locations as diverse as Widnes, New Jersey, Antwerp, Shanghai, Singapore, San Paulo, and many more. Our colleagues have adapted them for local circumstances, all with the same goal of preserving the diverse eco-system within Suttons that matches the needs of each of our customers.  


As a global business it can be easy for teams to drift apart into smaller silos. To prevent this, we place strong emphasis on our internal communications. We create a cohesive global culture through a functional leadership structure, rich communication channels including internal media, a quarterly glossy magazine with important and fun updates from all regions, a staff only Facebook group where colleagues connect with each other, and global access to a digital workspace for quick and easy collaboration and sharing.


Our leadership team regularly travel to all our regions communicating business updates with all colleagues and join in with teambuilding sessions and social activities to maintain a closer bond across all levels of the business. We prioritise face to face meeting where possible, colleagues from a wide range of departments interact with other regions to collaborate and work together in person, share best practice, and learn about each other’s culture.


Internal recognition opportunities and schemes are other ways in which we nurture our unified culture across the business. Our internal employee recognition scheme “Star Awards” allows colleagues to nominate others in recognition of a good job well done. Staff are encouraged to recognise colleagues across our global network, by nominating anyone from any region for this award, bringing colleagues and teams closer together.


Our commitment to a consistent Suttons’ culture, combined with effective communication, leadership involvement, and internal recognition, has enabled us to build, maintain and care for a truly global culture. Suttons is the World in One Business.  Through these efforts, we strive to ensure the highest level of service and delivery for our customers’ tank container deliveries while fostering a fulfilling and inclusive work environment for all our employees.

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