Suttons International Contract Business Overview

At Suttons International we offer our customers flexibility in their tank container logistics to meet their exact needs. Our Contract Business ensures that customers who require complete control over their tank container supply chains are guaranteed this option.


Our dedicated fleet contract is the perfect solution to customers whose products might require very special specification or additional demands such as pre cargo restrictions.


One of the main reasons our customers decide that our contract solution is the perfect fit for their operation is the freedom that having a dedicated fleet brings. These customers have tank containers available and ready to use whenever they need, for the highest levels of reactiveness and flexibility in their supply chain.


To ensure our contract business offers the same high levels of service and value as our spot, deep-sea, and short-sea business, we offer the same full range of tank types, including T11- T22 stainless steel, lined, electrical heated/ reefer tanks, gas tanks, and Swapbody tanks.


We offer our contract tanks in both lease only, which allows the customer to manage their own operations in house, or lease and fleet management, where our highly trained operations and technical services teams from our regional offices across the globe manage the complete end to end delivery of the customers product.


Our contract tank solution is the ideal option for our customers whose requirements demand rigorous levels of flexibility, freedom, and assurance that their supply chain is immune to any capacity issues. Suttons high quality tank containers, backed up by our global network of over 14 offices and 195 depots, ensures that all dedicated fleets run smoothly and to the highest levels of safety and compliance.



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