Suttons Donate Historic Clock To Local Developer

Suttons Group are pleased to announce that arrangements have been made to replace the iconic clock tower located at Suttons Elton Head Road distribution centre in St Helens with a memorial clock tower to pay tribute to the historic location.

The Elton Head Road site, famed for its innovative design and large scale, was the cornerstone of Suttons through the 60’s to the early 90’s as a base of operations and a distribution centre to serve customers across the northwest.


The site was famous for the iconic clocktower above the front office, which has become a landmark of the local community. It bore the inscriptions:


 “Time & Tide waiteth for no man”


“There is a tide in the affairs of man”


While Suttons may have since moved Headquarters to the current location in Widnes, the Elton Head Road site continued to operate as a large depot and distribution centre for many years.


However, the decision was recently made to sell the site to a local developer. The land will be transformed into housing, where it will continue to serve the local community, and the much-loved clock tower will be rebuilt on the estate.


Suttons have donated the original clock the developer to help bring the iconic clocktower back to life and to pay tribute to an important location in our long history.



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