Suttons Distributes Ethanol For Hand Sanitiser To Fight Covid-19

Suttons Tankers is playing a key logistics management role in the distribution of ethanol for the production of hand sanitiser to UK healthcare organisations and communities.

The safety focused logistics business, part of global firm Suttons Group, will be providing the transportation of denatured spirit supplied by William Grant & Sons, the independent, family-owned global distillers, and coordinating tank collections and urgent deliveries to manufacturers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the impact of coronavirus continues to spread amongst the globe, the demand for hand sanitiser and hygiene products has increased dramatically. Suttons’ work with William Grant & Sons contributes to the safeguarding of NHS professionals, critical businesses and the public.

Suttons said that the scale of its resources and levels of excellence in safety were important to the project, along with its critical mass as an innovative logistics provider and its ability to flex up and deploy substantial resources as the demand for this sector increased significantly. Suttons’ skilled driver workforce and their receptiveness to transport such a crucial product also played a huge part in the winning of this business.

Michael Cundy, Managing Director, Suttons Tankers said:

“We are thrilled to be working on this project that contributes to the nationwide effort to fight against COVID-19. We are proud of the division’s ability to be reactive and redistribute fleet and resource to provide an exceptional level of service and safety to critical industries during these difficult times.”

William Grant & Sons has adapted its distilling technology and skills to produce about five million litres of ethanol, equating to at least 13.5 million 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser.

Suttons operates in the UK with a fleet of more than 700 vehicles focused on the chemicals, gas and fuel sectors and internationally with key business centres in New Jersey, Widnes, Antwerp, Ludwigshafen, Kuantan, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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