Suttons Coronavirus Response

When Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit we successfully implemented our contingency plans to mitigate the effects on our workforce, customers and suppliers. All of our operations globally are continuing to adapt our plans to reflect the latest advice from their governments and local authorities.

We continue to monitor developments in each country as the situation progresses. Our Business Continuity Team are meeting regularly to update our planning and communication.

Our employees are receiving communication notices as the situation changes, in line with local government guidelines, to keep our employees as informed and safe as possible.

We have the following general measures in place:

  • Increased office cleaning regime to sanitise working surfaces and door handles etc.

  • Hand sanitiser, tissues, wipes and bags for disposal to drivers and other workers

  • Utilising fogging equipment to sanitise our offices, workshops and the inside of our vehicles

  • Those employees not remote working have access to wall-mounted ‘no touch’ thermometers

  • Restricting travel both between and within countries

  • Replacing face-to-face meetings with Skype or conference calls

  • Cancelling of group events and meetings with external companies or groups where possible.

  • Home working for all employees for whom this is appropriate

  • Implementation of social distancing for our colleagues who are continuing to deliver services, such as drivers, technicians and front line operations

  • Implementing self-isolation measures in line with government guidelines

  • We have identified colleagues who fall into the vulnerable groups, defined by the UK government guidance, and are taking appropriate steps to ensure their wellbeing.

We have also taken steps to ensure the mental wellbeing of our employees is safeguarded though these measures:

Training for managers to help them identify and manage the impact of COVID-19 measures on colleagues mental health

  • Weekly catch up calls are in place with line managers

  • Individual home working assessments have been carried out and funding for improved home facilities has been introduced

  • There are frequent communications on plans and progress for employees

  • Universal access to an Employee Assistance Programme which provides free, confidential, 24/7 access to counselling and support for UK employees

We are also pleased to announce that since our COVID-19 measures have been implemented our Stockton depot was selected for a random COVID-19 inspection by the HSE. The auditor was impressed by the approach Suttons had taken and the measures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of our workforce and those we come into contact with.

Please note that while our Business Continuity Plans are in place and working well, our teams are under increased pressure due to absence related to the Coronavirus. We would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to maintain our high levels of service, so please be patient if there are delays in responding.

The continued success of our COVID-19 response and transition to remote working is a credit to every Suttons employee who has taken ownership to ensure that we can continue to deliver life’s essentials safely.   

John Sutton, CEO of Suttons Group says “We have a responsibility for the health and welfare of our employees and the safety of the wider community. Our business continuity measures will allow us to continue to Deliver Life’s Essentials Safely.”


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