Suttons Attends Historic Cart Marking Ceremony

Suttons has attended the Annual Carmen Cart Marking Ceremony in the City of London. We were represented by Suttons Chairman Michael Sutton and John Sutton CEO, who are both Carmen. Cart marking is an ancient ceremony, 100s of years old with a Carman fellowship in London being traced back to 1277.

The Worshipful Company of Carmen was a fraternity of cart-owners who were responsible for moving every conceivable product around the City of London and all carts and carriages had to be licensed or "branded." This long-standing tradition continues today in the form of an annual ‘cart marking ceremony’ in the Guildhall Yard, where the Keeper of the Guildhall brands vehicles with a hot iron to signify that they are licensed to operate within the City limits. While the Company is still made up of hauliers, these days they dedicate themselves to charitable work

This year, to mark Suttons'' 60th Anniversary, we submitted a Suttons 60th Anniversary liveried DAF tractor unit and our 1929 Morris Commercial Flatbed truck… Both vehicles paraded through the city along with 60 other historic trucks and carts finishing in Guildhall Yard.

The historic event was very well attended by key industry figures and members of the public, keen to see the parade of beautiful vehicles old and new which included trucks, vintage buses and vans together with horse-drawn waggons and carriages.

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