This month, we shift our attention to the North America Chemical Logistics sector in a detailed exploration led by industry expert Dave Brown. The focus will be on current and forthcoming challenges, emerging trends, and Suttons’ strategies for navigating these issues.

Can you elaborate on your experience in the chemical industry and logistics?

Greetings, I am David Brown, serving as the Regional Director and Head of Commercial for the Americas at Suttons International. My professional journey in ISO tank logistics commenced in 1992 as an entry-level Tank Operator. Over the years, I have progressed through diverse roles with three distinct ISO tank operators, culminating in my current position.

What prevailing factors are influencing the chemical logistics market in America?

The predominant factor influencing chemical logistics in North America is the global demand landscape. Elements such as energy costs, inflation, and global conflicts have collectively contributed to a decline in demand. Following the challenging operational environment during the Covid years, the current market presents challenges in maintaining optimal asset utilization. Strategic partnerships with our vendors are integral to Suttons, enabling us to navigate these challenges and sustain reliable logistics services.

How do you anticipate these factors affecting the North American market in the coming year and beyond?

The outlook for 2024 remains uncertain in the global markets. While concerns persist through the second quarter, some anticipate no significant improvement in 2024. Despite this, my extensive experience in the industry instils confidence that the North American market will rebound, as it has in previous business cycles. Suttons International, with its years of experience, is poised to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

How is Suttons responding to these impacts?

Our operating model demonstrates resilience, ensuring a consistent and measured approach. Our commitment to customer service is evident through the testimonials of long-standing clients and contract customers who appreciate our superior technical team and services. We are dedicated to providing excellent service at a competitive price point.

Could you provide examples of improvements in our operation that customers can expect in response to these impacts?

Recent enhancements to our Sales Process and First Load procedure for all new business reflect our commitment to achieving a 100% compliance rate. This initiative aims to handle business accurately the first time and every time. Additionally, the implementation of regular Net Promoter Surveys allows us to obtain real-time feedback from clients. Above all, customers can expect our unwavering commitment to our Core Values, centred around Safety, Integrity, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Personal Responsibility.

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