Meet The Team – With Transport Planner Paul Morrill

Paul Morrill is a Transport Planner at Suttons Tankers, based in our Hull office. Paul is responsible for the day to day running of customer’s contracts, ensuring that products are always distributed safely and on time. Recently Paul has taken a role in Suttons’ response to Brexit and has personally been liaising with customers and customs agents to reduce disruption to supply chains.

How long have you been at Suttons and can you describe your progression and journey?

When I started at Suttons I was initially working from the Scunthorpe depot, where I learnt and took over the day to day running of the British Steel Tar contract, as well as the kilns business on behalf of Veolia and Cemex, who required a 24/7 service as they needed to keep the kilns burning to produce concrete.

Once I had found my feet, I moved across to the Suttons Hull office and took over the Novartis Grimsby business. I was primarily responsible for controlling the waste cycles loading out of the large plant at Novartis, on behalf of Tradebe and Mite. The range of products we moved either went on to be blended into other products or burnt off and destroyed at Fawley or Ellesmere Port.

As we no longer operate the kilns business, I have taken over the day to day running of the AdBlue Greenchem contract, where we operate a number of contract vehicles. I recently celebrated my 3rd year anniversary with Suttons this month.


What does the typical day of a Transport Planner at Suttons Tankers consist of?

There are many aspects of being a Transport Planner and my days are always busy. My duties include and are not limited to:

  • Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Booking ferry slots

  • Shipping

  • Customer service

  • Contract management

  • System management

  • Servicing of equipment

  • Document control

  • Forwarding for customs

  • Driver engagement


What have you recently achieved or have been proud of in work?

Getting through the early stages of Brexit in January after setting up a Brexit taskforce with customers British Steel and Rain Carbon has been a high point for me. We ensured that a continuous supply of product, moving from Scunthorpe to Belgium, was uninterrupted during the disruptive Brexit transition.

While we did see some early teething problems, the Brexit taskforce worked as a team to overcome them and have since developed a smooth end to end process of the contract.

To get the first few deliveries across with no problems was a fantastic personal achievement and something I will always be proud of.

 I was also recently involved in a contract with our customer BOC, where I worked to ensure there would be no customs issues upon arrival of their product in Ireland.

 I successfully set up a process and contacted a number of customs agents on behalf of Suttons and BOC, to ensure that the receiver of BOC’s product could carry out the necessary customs clearance once the cab and barrel had left the vessel at Dublin port.

 We have since completed a number of deliveries with no problem, I am always really happy to be able to get involved and help wherever necessary to keep our contracts moving and the customers supplied.


What do you enjoy outside of work?

 I am a keen sportsman, taking part in football and golf on a regular basis, I have four boys including a 5-month-old baby Elliot who was born in lockdown. My other 3 boys Finlay, Harvey and Isaac are also now playing football, so I love to watch them play on a weekend. I love spending time with my partner Hollie and family, socialising when we can. Days out to places, walking our Labrador (Ruby), and holidays abroad.


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