Meet The Team With John Garner

Meet John Garner, a Welder Fabricator based in our Widnes Workshop. As a Welder Fabricator John ensures that vehicles in our fleet receive the correct maintenance they need to be operating at the highest levels of safety at all times. He has recently enjoyed conducting precision repair work on one of our gas tanker trailers. Please read on for the full interview.

Meet The Team With John Garner

How long have you been at Suttons?

I’ve been at Suttons for nearly 2 years

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day there are several different repairs that are planned as a result of the regular trailer inspections that our workshop team conduct. Each day is different – some days there will be quite a few different jobs for me to work on, while other times there may be one big repair that may take several days, however, this is quite rare due to the regular maintenance work carried out on the vehicles.

How would you describe the values and behaviours at Suttons?

While the workshop is a very professional place, especially given the nature of our work, we have a great laugh and everyone gets on really well. We work together as a team and always help each other out. I’d also say that I feel really safe in my role because of how seriously safety is taken at Suttons. Sometimes I might have to get inside a tank to complete welding repairs but I can do this comfortably knowing that it has been fully cleaned beforehand and all of the readings have been done to protect my safety.

What is a project you’ve worked on recently that you’re particularly proud of?

I’ve recently been working on some repairs to one of our gas tanker trailers which has taken me quite a while due to the precision that’s been needed, but seeing the finished product made me feel very satisfied. Completing repairs like this highlight to me the importance of the regular inspections we carry out and Suttons’ commitment to providing its customers with the best possible fleet and equipment for the job.

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