Meet The Team With Andy Thurston

Andy Thurston is a Driver Trainer for Suttons Tankers who recently joined us as part of the BOC gas cylinder contract transfer. With over 10 years’ experience, Andy enjoys being a mentor to the other drivers so that they can confidently operate at the highest levels of safety and compliance when on the road. For the full interview, please read on.

How did you find the transfer over to Suttons?


The transfer was pretty seamless due to everyone transferring over together. Due to COVID restrictions, the induction wasn’t able to be conducted face to face but the online induction was very thorough and any questions we had were addressed quickly by the Suttons staff.


Tell me about your role as a driver trainer


I’ve been a driver trainer since 2007 and on this contract (BOC) for 12 years. My initial role was to conduct driver assessments etc. and then I moved over to fort lift trucks so I am now a FLT examiner. This brings variety to the job, especially as I still conduct driving roles.


I enjoy being a mentor to the drivers at Suttons, being a coach gives the lads confidence to do the job and I can teach them based on my experience as a driver.

The drivers respect you due to experience and it’s easier being able to give them advice based on similar experiences.

My most common coaching area at the moment is cruise control. I am teaching the drivers how to use it properly and how to engage with it to ensure fuel efficiency.


What is does a typical day look like for you?


At the minute I liaise with drivers, keep the FLTs up to date and arrange assessments, BOC Traccess training (training database) management, as well as driving.

Typical routes are Worsley to Glasgow, Worsley to Wolverhampton, Worsley to Liverpool/Ellesmere Port.


What do you do in your spare time?


I support Salford City, I go to the gym when I can, I do a lot of walking and enjoy going to the Lake District and Wales. I’ve got two sons, 16 and 17 so these keep me busy. 

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