Keeping Our Tank Containers Safe While On The Road

This UN Global Road Safety Week we are highlighting how we uphold the highest levels of safety when moving our ISO tanks on the road, and as part of the larger intermodal supply chain. Intermodal transportation involves the movement of freight using multiple modes of transportation, such as on chassis trailer by road, railway, and ships.

At Suttons International we have a strong culture of safety and proudly adhere to the strict guidelines outlined in the IMDG code and ADR compliance requirements, which covers all aspects of intermodal tank container safety and is the recognised standard across the industry. Additionally, all our tanks are maintained to International Tank Container Organisation standards.

We place a large focus on the maintenance of our tank container fleet. With over 14,000 tanks in our fleet, we adhere to a very firm maintenance schedule to minimize any risk. Our ISO tanks are properly maintained and inspected by our skilled technicians on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good condition and free from any defects or damage. As well as this, our in-house fleet of trucks and chassis undergo the same level of rigorous inspection and maintenance that our tanks do.

While on the road, our drivers are trained to assess damage and conduct a full circle check inspection of the tank and chassis at every stop and before every departure. The drivers also receive advanced driving skills training to act defensively on the road and ensure their cargo remain safe in transit at all times.

Furthermore, our drivers are also trained in the proper handling and transportation of hazardous materials. Proper training and certification of personnel involved in the handling and transportation of hazardous materials are crucial to ensure that these procedures are followed.

We also rely on third party suppliers for road logistics in certain international regions. To ensure these suppliers operate at the high standards we hold our inhouse fleet and drivers to, we regularly conduct safety and compliance audits of these suppliers.

In summary, the road transportation of ISO tanks requires careful attention to training, proactive inspections and maintenance, and a strong culture of safety. Proper maintenance and inspection of tanks and chassis, as well as proper handling and transportation procedures for hazardous material are critical to ensure the safe and successful transport of liquids and gases in ISO tanks while on the road.

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