How Suttons Tankers Uses Strategically Located Depot Network To Bring Bespoke Solutions To Our Customers.

Having a continuous supply of feedstock is vital to many of our customers’ operational needs. A break in supply can have negative repercussions that can be costly to resolve.Thanks to our large UK depot network, road fleet, expert planning teams, and flexible driver workforce, we have the resources in place to allow us to arrange our customers’ deliveries over distances and in timeframes that could otherwise be difficult.

Customer Haltermann Carless secured an ongoing supply of feedstock from Barrow-in-Furness that required daily delivery to their site in Harwich. Our expert solution design team proposed to utilise our strong depot network to establish a trunking operation for this supply. While there were a number of depots in our network available for trunking, the optimal solution was to use our Willenhall depot as a base for this contract.


By taking advantage of our strategically located depot network and flexible driver workforce, we pick the feedstock up every morning and trunk it to our depot in Willenhall. A night driver then collects the feedstock and delivers it to the Haltermann Carless site in Harwich.


In addition, we also offer Haltermann Carless the ability to redeploy resources during periods of reduced supply onto other Haltermann Carless contracts, thanks to other operations based at Willenhall mitigating the fixed cost base.


By combining an expertly planned bespoke solution with our strategically located depot network we are able to provide Haltermann Carless with a reliable and flexible service which contributes to the smooth running of their operation.


We complete a round trip of over 700 miles every day with only one truck and trailer being required for each delivery. This delivers significant savings to our customer and ensures that Haltermann Carless’ feedstock supply remains consistent, so they can focus on their operation.


At Suttons Tankers we continue to bring safe, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solutions to customers across the UK and are proud of our strategically located depot network, flexible driver workforce and proven track record in the industry.

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