Environmental Benefit Of Tank Containers

With a fleet of over 14,000 tank containers, Suttons International are a top ten global bulk logistics operator and take our commitment to the environment very seriously.

Environmental Benefit Of Tank Containers

We exclusively utilise reusable ISO tank containers in our fleet for the transportation of liquids and gases in bulk, which offers several environmental benefits over comparable methods.

Operating tank containers reduces the overall carbon footprint in the supply chain. Since tank containers are designed to be transported via intermodal transport; over rail, riverways, and by sea, there is less need for multiple handling of goods, which minimizes the carbon footprint in transportation.

Additionally, our tank containers carry a large volume of product – up to 20,000 litres, which is much more economical than multiple containers of smaller volume. Reducing the number of trips needed to transport an equivalent number of goods naturally leads to a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption, and more importantly cuts down on single use or wasteful disposable plastic packaging.

The reusability of tank containers is what sets them apart from alternatives such as flexi bags or IBC tanks and is a large part of our commitment to beating plastic pollution. Through proper maintenance and care, our tank containers have a lifespan of over 20 years. Once our tanks reach a minimum thickness threshold for safe transportation, they are easily recycled with minimal waste due to the stainless steel construction, or re-used in less rigorous industries such as agricultural or domestic use.

Safety is something we pride ourselves in at Suttons. Our tank containers are built to safely withstand the harsh conditions typical in intermodal logistics, and are much more robust than alternatives, reducing the number of spills or leaks that could occur and harm the local environment. Furthermore, we always act in compliance with government environmental regulations, which ensures we are transporting and handling all products with the upmost care.

Overall, our tank containers offer environmental benefits over alternative forms of bulk logistics such as reduced wasteful single use plastic pollution, improved safety, increased efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations.

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