At Suttons International, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance for our tank container fleet is paramount. Our dedicated workshop team at the Widnes Tank Container depot plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective, ensuring that all our, and our customers, tanks are not only operational but also adhere to stringent safety, compliance, and sustainability measures.

Comprising 18 highly skilled technicians, our Widnes workshop operates around the clock to provide timely maintenance, accommodating the demanding schedules of our valued customers. The team is a mix of experienced professionals and apprentices, all committed to upholding the quality of service that Suttons International is known for.

At the heart of our workshop’s success is the meticulous training provided to our technicians. Our commitment to nurturing talent is evident in the inclusion of apprentices within the team. These apprentices undergo comprehensive training, obtaining a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level in mechanical engineering, with the option to continue to progress their development to HND level.

For experienced technicians, we prioritize continuous development through on-the-job training in mechanical engineering, trade skills, and safety protocols. Each technician undergoes a rigorous skills test during the interview process to ensure their competence in handling the diverse challenges associated with tank container maintenance.

Our unwavering focus on safety is reflected in the continuous training programs our technicians undergo. From working at heights to confined space protocols, our team is well-versed in the latest safety standards. Regular refreshers on safety and procedural training ensure that our workshop remains a secure and compliant environment.

We believe in providing opportunities for growth and advancement within our team. Technicians are encouraged to pursue further qualifications, opening a pathway for career progression. This commitment to professional development not only enhances the skills of our workforce but also ensures the longevity of our high standards.

The high standards of training, unwavering commitment to safety, and comprehensive range of activities provided by our workshop team at Suttons International Widnes Depot underscore our dedication to ensuring the safety and compliance of our tank container fleet. Our skilled technicians, supported by continuous training and career development opportunities, are at the forefront of maintaining the excellence that defines Suttons International in the industry.

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