Empowering Colleagues And Responsible Decision Making

At Suttons International we believe that empowering all colleagues to take responsible decisions is a critical step in building a culture of trust, collaboration, and accountability in our organisation. As a business that operates in the complicated and potentially dangerous industry of international chemical logistics, empowered and responsible team members in all positions is crucial for our safety, as well as our customers, and the wider logistics industry.

Personal EmpowermentOur Core Values of Personal Responsibility, and Integrity are at the forefront of everything we do as a business and guide all actions or decisions. These values encourage all staff to take ownership of their work, be rigorous, responsible, and accountable, to always offer and accept support and constructive feedback, and to honour all commitments and promises.


Empowering colleagues is achieved through more than just our Core Values, as a business, we proactively empower our all colleagues in a number of ways.


Our staff are provided with the training and support they need to make informed decisions which helps to build confidence and increase their ability to make responsible decisions. This includes training on relevant policies, procedures, and best practices, as well as regular 1 to 1 access with mentors or managers who can offer support.


We encourage open communication between all colleagues and leadership teams to help to build trust and promote responsible decision-making across all levels. Our colleagues are encouraged to ask questions, share their ideas, and express their concerns, through regular 1 to 1 meetings, and quarterly business updates with the senior leadership team, where all feedback is met with response and consideration.


By providing colleagues with feedback and recognition for their decisions we reinforce responsible decision-making and encourage ongoing improvement. This includes recognizing staff for their successes through our internal recognition schemes, providing constructive feedback on areas for improvement, which is raised in confidence with staff in formal performance reviews, and providing opportunities for professional growth and development as part of annual reviews.


By empowering staff to take responsible decisions, Suttons International has built a culture of trust, collaboration, and accountability. This directly leads to increased productivity, innovation, safety, and ultimately better service and value for our customers tank container logistics.

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