Creating an Engaged Global Workforce

As an international company with offices and autonomous teams operating in various regions across the globe, establishing a connected and involved global community among our colleagues is paramount for the seamless and effective management of international logistics.

To foster a cohesive team across diverse regions, we have implemented several internal engagement initiatives. Quarterly business updates are disseminated to all team members, aligning everyone with shared objectives of prioritizing safety, delivering excellent customer service, and achieving technical excellence.

Our communication strategies ensure that these updates reach all colleagues. We employ various channels, such as the distribution of a dedicated employee magazine called “Team Talk,” a shared Intranet platform, and transparent meetings between staff and their respective line managers.

Our overarching goal is to cultivate a culture of trust as the cornerstone of positive global engagement. Open communication, a commitment to employee well-being, and consistent policies across all regions contribute to the establishment and maintenance of this trust. Suttons International actively invests in creating a positive work culture that reflects this commitment.

Additionally, we strongly believe in empowering our employees through development opportunities. Our internal development scheme provides staff with avenues for skill enhancement through relevant training programs, mentorship initiatives, and qualifications that contribute to their professional growth, showcasing our dedication to our workforce.

Building on our foundation of transparency, effective communication, and internal development programs, we recognize the pivotal role of a culture of appreciation in sustaining engagement. Our Star Award scheme celebrates achievements, offering incentives for high performance and acknowledging exceptional efforts. This approach not only fosters pride but also deepens commitment, emphasizing Suttons International’s focus on recognizing talent.

Lastly, we prioritize maintaining a positive work-life balance for all colleagues. Prioritizing employee well-being is integral to nurturing our engagement culture. We provide flexible work arrangements, promote healthy habits, and encourage breaks and vacations to contribute to a balanced and engaged workforce.

Creating an engaged global workforce necessitates effective communication, flexibility, and cultural awareness. We are committed to fostering an environment that attracts, retains, and empowers a high-performing global team, ensuring our customers receive the highest levels of safety, value, and compliance in their tank container logistics.

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