Building An Engagement Culture

At Suttons International we believe that promoting an engagement culture is crucial for our organisation to foster a positive work environment, increase employee satisfaction, and ultimately improve our service and value to our customers. There are a number of steps we take to promote our internal engagement culture.


Furthermore, we run a number of informal communication channels such as an employee intranet, staff only Facebook group, and a quarterly newsletter. These allow our colleagues up to date with their teammates and allows them to connect and engage with one another freely.

By empowering our employees to make decisions and take ownership of their work we aim to promote positive engagement in our teams. This includes giving employees the resources and support they need to succeed, as well as trusting them to make important decisions, as defined in our core value: “Personal Responsibility”.

Recognising and rewarding employees for their contributions is another way we foster the culture of engagement at Suttons. This includes both formal and informal recognition, such as business wide performance bonuses, public recognition in the form of our Star Awards scheme, which allows anyone to nominate anyone else for a good job, or even a simple thank-you note.

Promoting collaboration and teamwork is a key focus when building our engagement culture to foster a sense of belonging and friendliness among employees. Our regional heads regularly organise events outside of work to allow staff to relax and connect with each other in a social setting.


We provide opportunities for training and development to help employees feel valued and invested in their careers. This includes regular training programs, mentorship opportunities, and opportunities for professional growth and advancement to ensure we maximise the potential of our team. All colleagues receive regular and structured one to one reviews with their line manager, to help identify areas for growth and share knowledge.

Finally, we have committed to ensuring our employees have an equitable work-life balance. This is crucial to promoting engagement and reducing stress and burn out, which is so important in our industry which requires high attention to detail and safety. Where customer commitments allow we provide all staff with flexible work arrangements, hybrid work options including working from home and office hot desking, and generous annual leave allowances.


Our commitment to communication and engagement resulted in a business wide employee engagement survey in early 2023 with an external survey operator. As a business we achieved an overall engagement score of 85%, which places us in the top quartile among comparable business, for this we achieved an Outstanding Workplace Award from People Insight and demonstrates that the steps we have taken to engage with our team is working.

By promoting an engagement culture, we are creating a positive work environment for our team that attracts and retains top talent, drives productivity, and leads to better performance, service, and value for our customers.

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