Building A Global Brand – The Inside Story

The Suttons brand has a long history during which it has changed and evolved over the years. Founded by Alf Sutton in 1926, Suttons was initially known across Northwest England, where the business still calls home to this day, and later the entire UK, before spreading to all global regions and markets.


With experts across the business who truly understand different markets and cultures, a solid business strategy, and a commitment to long-term success, we have coalesced our regional global business into a strong unified brand which offers our customers consistency and continuity of service and value wherever they might be in the world.


A key factor to developing Suttons into the strong global brand it is today, was to understand the local cultures and customs of the markets we operate in. This involved investing time and resources in market research, building relationships with local partners and suppliers, a focus on recruiting from within those regions, and an unceasing commitment to our vales. 


It also requires a willingness to be flexible and adaptable. We understand that not all regions are identical and have adjusted our approach as needed to succeed in each new market, while retaining our focus on value, safety, and service.


Another important factor in building our global brand was to develop our strong brand identity that speaks to our customers.  From our brilliant white ISO tank containers, marked by our bold and characteristic Suttons Red brand mark, to our company values of Safety First, Customer Focus, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, and Teamwork, which we communicate honestly through our work and actions, we have created a brand identity that resonates with customers around the world


Suttons’ journey from its earliest days had been marked by a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service, value, and safety. We have carefully built our brand around these values because they truly are at the heart of our business, our growth from local business to global operator signifies that these values have connected to our customers too.

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