Brazil Regional Market Analysis With Alessandra Torazan – Managing Director

This month our regional focus takes a close look at the current and ongoing trends in the Brazilian Chemical Logistics market with Alessandra Torazan, Suttons Brazil Managing Director

Can you tell us about your background in the chemical industry and logistics?

I’m an executive with over 25 years’ expertise in foreign trade, logistics and supply chain.

My career began with a shipowner specializing in projects, break bulk, and heavy lift cargoes. After that I moved to SSL Hapag Lloyd and finally in 2012, I joined the tank container industry.

Since 2019 I have been the Managing Director for the Suttons JV office in Brazil,

I graduated in Business Administration with an emphasis on Foreign Trade and have a Postgraduate in Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management and an MBA in Business and Financial Management.

What current factors are impacting the chemical logistics market in Brazil?

Logistics increasingly plays an important role in the local regional market, influencing various sectors and boosting international trade. As the fifth largest manufacturing industry in the world, the Brazil chemical industry supplies large domestic industries and is fundamental for the economic growth of the country.

However, currently in Brazil the cost of transport and freight and the taxation of logistics processes have contributed to a so-called "Brazil risk". The logistics infrastructure, including roads, ports, and railways, can influence the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of chemical logistics in the country.


How do you foresee the Brazilian market develop throughout the next year and beyond?

The current factors in which Brazil has competitive gaps can be reversed or mitigated through public development policies to address the “Brazil risk”.

The chemical industry is the 3rd largest industrial sector in the Brazilian economy.  To further bolster this Brazil has a huge supply of water and clean energy sources like hydro, wind, and solar power. In addition to this, Brazil has the largest amount of arable land available, so the agribusiness is a strategic sector and agrochemicals are tremendously important.

Monitoring ongoing developments and trends in the global and domestic economy will be key to understanding how these factors will impact the market in the coming years.


How are Suttons reacting to these impacts?

Ensuring safety and security of chemical shipments in our tank containers is paramount.  At Suttons we are driven to remain competitive, comply with regulations, ensure safety, and adapt to changing market dynamics. We do this by proactively adopting technology solutions, sustainability initiatives, compliance with safety and environmental regulations, training staff, risk management, cost control, collaborative efforts with other industry stakeholders to improve overall supply chain resilience, continuous monitoring on market tends and last but not least, customer focus!

Our highly efficient team, with great technical knowledge, works closely with all Suttons colleagues worldwide to enhance customer service and communication to meet all needs and expectations of clients.

Are there any examples of what customers can expect from Suttons International Brazil?

We want our customers to feel reassured that their deliveries are being handled with the highest levels of care, value, and safety.

We are constantly working to improve efficiencies and ensure seamless coordination between the customer, logistics providers, and regulatory authorities. We are making the entire tank container transport process hassle-free and in line with our 5 core values: Safety First, Customer Focus, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, and Teamwork.

We also have a great relationship with our South America agents and additionally provide efficient service in the LATAM market. Our location is an excellent focal point geographically for our network in South and Latin America.

Our Value-Added Service is customized to each customer, which allows the customer to track the information they need throughout their tank’s journey, enhancing transparency and peace of mind.

We are continually reviewing our processes and applying our First Load procedures policy for a smooth delivery, from the very first communication and quotation to the final delivery. We have clear terms and conditions on our quotes, including Portuguese translations for domestic customers and we provide instructive and technical information on how to operate our tanks and even help customers safety by providing a check list for safety loading/discharge and proper use of our tanks.

By delivering efficient coordination and offering a bespoke value-added service our team can ensure successful delivery for our customer and through that we have established Suttons as a company with a reputation for reliability and innovation in the Brazilian market.

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