Advancing Sustainability and Commitment to the Environment

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For Suttons International, sustainability is a top priority. Our mission of “Delivering Life’s Essentials Safely and Sustainably” encompasses our sustainability goals while delivering on our promise to our customers of high levels of safety, excellent value, technical assurance, and quality service.

Through comprehensive initiatives across our offices, fleet activities, and maintenance depots, we are taking part in energy management, recycling, and sustainability, and are bringing this commitment throughout our supply chain with our third-party partners.

Innovative Chemical Recovery and Recycling

One of our standout initiatives involves the handling of residual chemicals recovered from tanks before washing. In collaboration with a recognised hazardous waste recovery agent, our Widnes tank wash team identifies recycling opportunities in these chemicals, prioritising recovery and reuse over disposal, aligning with all local regulations.

Improving Waste Management and Addressing PFAS Challenges

The Widnes team has recently improved the segregation arrangements for container use and temporary storage. Our new approach not only ensures compliance with storage guidelines but also optimises waste removal by ensuring vehicles are fully loaded, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of waste journeys. The data collected from these practices provides a robust foundation for continuous improvement.

PFAS products are classified as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and are a concern due to their persistence in the environment. Unfortunately, the seals and gaskets which are so crucial to tank safety and integrity are classified as PFAS products. In the absence of alternatives, we are implementing best industry practices in our maintenance and repair activities at the Widnes depot to reduce the harm of these crucial products. Additionally, we are focused on a substitute where possible and recently implemented a recommended change for alternative seals and gaskets where appropriate such as Tanktyt, for certain products transported through Hamburg.

Utilizing Natural Resources

To further our sustainability efforts, Suttons International is exploring opportunities to leverage natural resources by utilizing the roof space of our workshops for rainwater harvesting and solar energy production.

By installing rainwater harvesting systems on the rooftops of our workshops, we will collect and store rainwater, reducing our reliance on municipal water supplies. This collected water will then be used for washing tanks, significantly decreasing our overall water consumption and contributing to more sustainable water management practices.

We are also investigating the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of our workshops. This initiative not only reduces our dependence on non-renewable energy sources but also helps lower our overall carbon footprint. The solar energy generated powers our facilities, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution that aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Our Fleet

Reducing the environmental impact of our global fleet is another critical focus area. By minimizing the amount of empty positioning of our global fleet, we significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Through clever planning and optimization, we ensure that our fleet operates at maximum efficiency. This involves strategic positioning of our tanks to minimize empty runs and maximize load capacity. By leveraging our technology and data, we can better predict and manage the demand for our fleet, ensuring that tanks are always utilized effectively and reducing unnecessary empty trips.

We also collaborate with our partners to identify opportunities for backhauling and other efficient transportation methods. By coordinating with third-party logistics providers and customers, we can find synergies that reduce empty positioning, thereby cutting down on fuel use and emissions.

Fostering Sustainability in Our Office Environments

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our operational hubs to our office environments. Simple yet effective measures, such as ensuring lights are switched off when not in use where not automatically done, promoting reusable water bottles, and encouraging cycling to work, contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. These local initiatives foster a culture of sustainability and well-being among our employees, aligning with our broader cultural and ESG goals.

At Suttons International, sustainability is a relentless journey. We strive to deliver exceptional value, technical assurance, and quality service to our customers while championing and enhancing the sustainability of our operations and those of our partners.

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