An Insight Into Diana Svensson, Contracts Manager for Yorkshire Water at Suttons Tankers

I’m Diana Svensson, a Contract Manager at Suttons Tankers, managing the Yorkshire Water contract. With over 14 years in the waste sector, I take pride in my accomplishments, particularly the recent successes achieved for Yorkshire Water on behalf of Suttons.

My inspiration for entering Contract Management stems from the diverse responsibilities the role encompasses—health and safety, compliance, operations, and commercial aspects—all within a single position. This role allows me to drive improvements across these areas, similar to running a company without the financial risks.

I hold several qualifications, including a WAMITAB Level 4 in the treatment and handling of hazardous waste, a CPC International Transport Manager qualification, and I am nearing completion of my NEBOSH certification.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is implementing and witnessing the success of new processes. For instance, the digital debrief system we introduced for the Yorkshire Water contract has significantly enhanced performance measurement. This system provides real-time KPIs to the customer, driving efficiencies in delivery operations and fostering healthy competition among drivers. This changed mindset has led to a real positive change.

Developed in-house by Suttons’ business systems experts, the custom-built system is integrated within Microlise. It enables direct reporting to the customer, improving communication with increased transparency and real-time updates.

Richard Glossop, Sludge Manager at Yorkshire Water, praised the system, saying, “Having access to a live debrief system as a customer means we can review driver feedback directly and cut out the middle man in information requests, this means we are able to review and resolve problems faster than ever.”

Another rewarding aspect of my role is enhancing our safety and compliance record. We’ve invested in driver morale by increasing interaction and holding regular health and safety meetings. A dedicated Waste Sector Health & Safety Resource has been appointed, demonstrating our commitment to the highest safety standards for Yorkshire Water.

Our driver cohort on the Yorkshire Water contract is exceptional. Through our partnership, we’ve managed to increase movements to meet rising demand, leading to the best quarter of energy generation in Yorkshire Water’s history.

This success is a testament to our outstanding drivers, dedicated office team, supportive customer Yorkshire Water, and Suttons’ innovative spirit.

Reflecting on our four-year partnership, Richard Glossop remarked, “Our partnership with Suttons Tankers can only be regarded as a success, having met all our goals in the initial outsourcing and providing a strong core operational service to our business.”

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