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Standards & Governance

Since Suttons began trading in the 1920's, our brand has always been associated with trust, integrity and quality of service. Our employees understand that the quality of service we promise distinguishes us from other operators.


Supporting our commitment is our credentials. We are accredited to international standards through our adherence to CDI-mpc, SQAS and ISO 9001-2008. Suttons was also one of the first chemical logistics companies to sign up to the Responsible Care ® commitment.

While these accreditations fulfil legal compliance, our strict high quality and safety standards go above and beyond what is expected of a hazardous goods logistics operator.


Suttons has a rigorous approach to all aspects of security, whether it involves security of data, people, assets or client property and products. We carry out regular reviews and discussions with the appropriate security authorities to ensure the Group is maximising its capabilities in these areas.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

To view our policy, please see attached PDF.

Bribery and Price Fixing Statement

Suttons Group is committed to conducting all of its business in an honest and ethical manner.

It is unacceptable for any Director or employee of any Suttons Group company to make or accept bribes or to collude with competitors to fix prices or rig tenders.

The Suttons Board and senior management will take all reasonable measures to prevent Bribery and Price Fixing including risk assessment, procedures, policies, and training to ensure that all relevant employees are aware of their legal and moral responsibilities.

The Suttons Board will create a culture that encourages those who have suspicions that Bribery or Price fixing is occurring to come forward and report their concerns, will ensure that they are protected and that the allegations are investigated and, where the allegations are proven, appropriate action is taken against the individuals engaged in such practices.

Anti Facilitation of Tax Evasion Statement

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 places a legal obligation on all UK companies to have and uphold policies which prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. The act applies to all of a company’s dealings, wherever they occur in the world.

Suttons Group will conduct all of our business dealings, wherever they occur in the world, in an honest and ethical manner. We will take a zero-tolerance approach to facilitation of tax evasion, whether under UK law or under the law of any foreign country. We will assess the risk of being, involved in tax evasion in our own right, or being asked to facilitate the evasion of tax by customers, suppliers or others with whom we have business dealings. We will ensure that our staff are aware of their obligations through clear communication of our policies and, where appropriate, training.  We will uphold all laws relevant to countering tax evasion, including the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

Privacy Policy

To view our Privacy Policy please see attached PDF.

Terms and Conditions

To view our purchase terms and conditions please see attahced PDF.