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Bespoke Drumming Service

Suttons Road Tankers can implement a bespoke drumming service for both hazardous and non-hazardous products. This is available as a stand-alone service or as part of a complete logistics solution.

As specialists in the packaging of products in drums and IBCs of all sizes, we utilise state-of-the-art automated equipment which provides a safe, high quality and efficient packing service. 

Our team is able to build a packaging solution to meet the unique requirements of each individual project. [SL6] If required, this can include the installation and management of the equipment right through to the delivery of packing, warehousing and distribution facilities. Our designers work closely with you to identify suitable equipment and safety features so that you can enjoy an efficient and reliable packaging process.


In everything that we do, the safety of our people, the public and the environment comes first. When designing a new packaging facility, this is no different. Suttons Road Tankers continuously reviews and compares equipment to make sure that we are offering the latest and most effective technologies available.  

Operator and environmental safety are made certain by bespoke safety features which include extraction systems, scrubbing equipment and emergency response procedures. These safeguarding procedures are programmed in all of our automated equipment.  

Ensuring product quality

Suttons Road Tankers uses a number of methods to ensure that products are transferred safely and without risk of contamination. The methods that we use include dedicated fixed or flexible pumps and pipework.  

Our team uses dedicated handling equipment in order to protect products from any degradation or contamination. Suttons Road Tankers can also introduce filtration to the discharge process by adding stabilisers or injecting drums to improve safety and extend product shelf life.  

Suttons Road Tankers Added Value

Suttons Road Tankers can provide all necessary transport documentation and provision of dispatch services including pallets, labels, securing straps and ancillaries. Quality assurance is validated using on-site analytical equipment to produce an appropriate Certificate of Analysis. 

We can supply packaging in accordance with customer requirements and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. Our ability to integrate our packaging service with our end-to-end logistics capabilities enables Suttons Road Tankers and our customers to have more control and visibility of their supply chain, therefore simplifying processes and generating efficiencies through a single supplier.