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Pro-active safety management

We have introduced a number of new initiatives to promote and maintain a fresh approach to safety within the global business.

  • Airsweb incident reporting system – Airsweb is a web based system which every employee across Suttons global logistics and supply chain operations can access. Every single incident, no matter how small, is recorded on the Airsweb system and the incident is not closed until a satisfactory resolution has been implemented and signed off by a Senior Manager.
  • Behavioural safety audits - Behavioural Safety Audits (BSAs), are conducted by our field managers where they spend time managing safety in our employees’ own environment.
    A BSA is conducted on safety critical activities. These are unannounced and provide us with the opportunity to see how a task is completed day-to-day without supervision. This approach helps to develop a culture where safe behaviour is instinctive.
    The results of the BSA are entered into a database, from which we analyse trends and implement necessary remedial actions.
  • Internal communications – All our teams across our divisions have regular meetings to review safety, health, quality and environmental performance. Issues are reviewed monthly by Suttons Group Board of Directors.
  • Monthly safety briefings focussing on driver behaviour for all Suttons drivers and supplier drivers looks at a different safety topic each month.
  • Depot Safety Audits - Directors and senior managers regularly visit depots and service providers to review performance and conduct safety audits.
  • Suttons Quality Safety Heath and Environment Department also conduct regular depot safety and compliance audits, both announced and unannounced.


Pro-active safety management Safety Management