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The Suttons Approach to Supply Chain Management


Suttons can provide the knowledge, skills, systems and physical assets to optimise customers supply chains. We understand the dynamics of the supply chain with fluctuations in demand and changes in product sourcing.

Suttons adopts an approach that optimises the supply chain, reducing waste and achieving the best 'cost to serve' model. We take responsibility for key aspects of the supply chain including the movement and storage of raw materials and finished goods.

To manage and optimise the supply chain, Suttons uses a systems control platform. This control platform manages all aspects of the supply chain through a dedicated, highly qualified team of engineers and logistics experts operating leading edge systems for management information, control and customer service.

This system driven optimisation provides clear visibility across your sector, your supply chain and your suppliers.




 Suttons 'control tower' approach manages all transport activity through one platform. This is complemented by an event management WMS, both driving efficiency savings.

We are able to purchase and plan all transport activity from one platform employing permanent assets only where the market necessitates. The platform will complete all 'back-office' functions on a one-invoice principle, reducing management time and administration.

Suttons 'control tower' rationalises the transport company base, unifies contracts and creates a competitive market to ensure sustainability of savings. Optimisation of all planning will reduce waste and improve utilisation. This will reduce cost and create more value for all supply chain stakeholders.

Real time event management technology both in transport and storage brings greater control, better management decisions and supply chain visibility. Detailed management information raises SHEQ and customer service standards enterprise wide, which is then driven by continuous improvement programmes.

 Suttons approach to supply chain management  Suttons approach to supply chain management  Suttons approach to supply chain management