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Why Choose Suttons?

1. Optimisation: Optimise your fleet and logistics with our expansive global network and strong presence in Asia, Middle East, UK, Europe and USA. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to maximise the efficiency of your fleet, enabling you to focus on your core business.

2. Costs: we make sure your costs are driven down and controlled through Suttons global presence and buying power, ensuring we have the right suppliers in the right locations at the right cost.

3. Safety & Efficiency: Our existing customers have achieved year on year supply chain efficiencies with Suttons fleet management’s proven approach. Our enviable and pro-active reputation for safety in operation and quality management provides great assurance for our customers and ensures that their products are handled safely and efficiently throughout the supply chain.

4. Complete Service: Suttons can offer you a one stop service for all your requirements; Our wide scope of services will ensure that every aspect of your fleet runs efficiently through our provision of personalised technical and operational solutions for the transport of liquid chemicals, gases and powders. The range of Fleet Management services and capabilities includes, but is not limited to: import/export, tank cleaning, maintenance & repair, drumming and warehousing, on-site logistics, KPI reporting, track and trace.